2024 African Guest Researchers' Scholarship Program, Northern Africa Institute (NAI), Sweden

2024 African Guest Researchers' Scholarship Program, Northern Africa Institute (NAI), Sweden


a chance for African researchers in their early careers to work on independent social science and humanities research projects. The scholarship grants access to the Institute's library and other resources, creating an inviting setting for research.

The African Guest Researchers' Scholarship Program was created to give African academics in their early careers the chance to work and advance their continuing research at the Nordic Africa Institute. The scholarship offers networking opportunities, access to the Institute's library, hosting by Institute researchers, and other tools that create an engaging study environment. Through the initiative, the Nordic Africa Institute hopes to strengthen the ability to produce knowledge about Africa, as well as to promote and forge relationships with and among between the scientific groups in Africa and Scandinavia.

90 days is the maximum allowed stay, and 60 days is the minimum. Additionally take notice that most Nordic academic institutions, including the Nordic Africa Institute, are closed between the dates of 15 June and 15 August and 15 December and 15 January. Thus, applicants cannot select these times for their visit. 

Table of Content The L Africa Institute (NAI) NAI African Guest Researchers' Scholarship Program NAI African Guest Researchers' Scholarship Program Objectives and Advantages

Courses for the NAI African Guest Researchers' Fellowship Program

Application Deadline for NAI African Guest Researchers' Scholarship Program Qualifications

How to Use 

The Nordic Africa Institute's premise (NAI)

The Nordic Africa Institute carries out research and provides resources that advance knowledge of modern Africa. We think that information and analysis based on research provide a firm foundation for wise decisions and help to accomplish the goals of global development. 

Program for African Guest Researchers at NAI PostgraduateOrganisation Scandinavian Africa Institute (NAI) nation to study Sweden studying at school Scandinavian Africa Institute Program of study Browse courses Country of Origin Males and Females , ,,,,,, March 31, 2023 

NAI's African Guest Researchers' Scholarship Program: Objectives and Advantages

The scholarship covers roundtrip economy class airfare, lodging, a daily subsistence allowance of 400 SEK (about 40 USD) and an installation grant of 2,500 SEK (about 250 USD), as well as access to a workspace at the Institute that includes a desk computer. Please take note that only days spent in Uppsala will be covered by the subsistence stipend.

The Institute's library has an emphasis on social sciences and is specialized in books about modern Africa. Moreover, Uppsala University Library and the Library of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences are both accessible to guest researchers.

The Nordic Africa Institute offers guest researchers the opportunity to present their work and to visit supplementary institutions in the Nordic nations. 

Program for African Guest Researchers at NAI Social Science and Humanities courses

Qualifications for the NAI African Guest Researchers' Scholarship Program

Early-career African researchers who are working on projects with an African focus are the target audience for the scholarship program. The study topic should fall under the umbrella of social sciences and humanities, with a particular emphasis on modern Africa. Also, as stated in the Institute's five impact areas, the research should be pertinent to the fundamental tenets of the UN Agenda 2030. opens in a new tab.

Early career researchers in two primary areas are eligible for the program: 

Postdoctoral researchers who are full-time employees of an African university or research center and are enrolled in a doctoral program there but do not have access to an overseas scholarship (within 5 years or less of PhD completion).

Regarding gender and geographic focus, the Institute works to create an equitable allocation of scholarship seats.

Check out the 2021–2022 list of scholarships for African students. 

How to Apply Are you qualified and interested? For an application, visit The Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) at web103.reachmee.com.
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current curriculum vitae with publications list (if available online, please include links)

5 page research project outline

a thoughtful research proposal

Work schedule, 1 page:

The schedule should be detailed for the period spent at the Institute and include research goals and anticipated outcomes.

Reference: A letter of support in writing from the applicant's department head or another esteemed academic in the same field, attesting to their present employment or affiliation and area of research

Applications that are not comprehensive will not be evaluated. No one who is employed by, has ever worked for, or is otherwise professionally connected to the Nordic Africa Institute is eligible. 

for financial aid. Please keep in mind that the application must be submitted in English. Applicants will be notified right away in the unlikely event that the Scholarship Programme for 2024 does not get full funding. 

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