Evans Scholarship Program in the USA for 2023–2024 – How to Use


Do you want to pursue a degree in the USA? All overseas students are now welcome to submit applications for the Evans Scholarship Program 2023–2024. The qualifications for qualifying and how to apply are listed below: 

Concerning the Evans Scholarship

The Evans Scholarship Program is a well-known scholarship program that awards qualified candidates who have worked as golf caddies full tuition and housing subsidies. The Western Golf Association (WGA) established the program in 1930, and since then, it has given over 11,600 scholarships to worthy students, allowing them to attend one of the 18 partner colleges and institutions across the country.

Each year, hundreds of applicants compete for a small number of scholarships in this highly competitive program. Applicants are judged based on their character, financial necessity, and intellectual accomplishments. A selection committee conducts interviews with the finalists before announcing the scholarship winners each spring. 

Evans Scholars are obliged to reside in one of the Scholarship Homes close to their institution or college after receiving the grant. These homes offer the students a nurturing environment where they can grow in leadership and interpersonal skills.

In conclusion, the Evans Scholarship Program offers young people a rare chance to pursue a college degree and lay a solid basis for their future.

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For whom is the Evans Scholarship Program available?

A college scholarship program called the Evans Scholarship is available to caddies who have shown good academic achievement, a solid moral character, and a need for financial assistance. The following criteria must be met in order to be eligible for the Evans Scholarship program: 

You must be a senior in high school or have just graduated from high school to be eligible for the Evans Scholarship (within the past year).

Must have a solid caddy history: You need to have caddying experience at a reputable golf course for at least two years in order to be eligible for the Evans Scholarship. Also, a golf course approved official must endorse you.

Must have a strong academic history: Your academic record must be strong, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale), and you must have shown high character through leadership and service.

Must be able to show financial need: For the Evans Scholarship program to consider you, you must show financial need. This also involves finishing the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) and giving the Evans Scholars Foundation financial data.

Must be a citizen or legal resident of the US: You must be a citizen of the United States or an authorized permanent resident in order to qualify for the Evans Scholarship.

Must intend to enroll in a 4-year college or university that is accredited: You must have full-time enrollment plans at an accredited four-year college or university and a first-year residence in an Evans Scholarship House.

,so,so,s, the. the s s.. s... Competitive criteria including academic performance, caddy performance, character, and financial necessity are used in the selection process.

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How to Apply for the Evans Scholarship for the Academic Year 2023–2024:

Beginning in July, applications will be accessible online.

Academic records, financial records, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement are required of applicants.

The WGA selects semifinalists and invites them to an interview.

In the spring, finalists are chosen and contacted.

The following sites can be used to learn more about the Evans Scholarship:

Evans Scholarship Program in the USA for 2023–2024 – How to Use

Evans Scholars Foundation of the Western Golf Association: http://www.wgaesf.org/site/c.dwJTKiO0JgI8G/b.7502051/k.BDBD/Home.htm

University of Washington's Evans Scholars Program website: https://www.evansscholars.washington.edu

Northwestern University's Evans Scholars Program can be found at: https://www.northwestern.edu/evans-scholars/

Evans Scholars Program at University of Notre Dame: https://evansscholars.nd.edu/

Ohio State University's Evans Scholars Program can be found at https://evansscholars.osu.edu/.

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How can you apply for the Evans Scholarship?

A: The Evans Scholarship program provides caddies who have shown exceptional character, leadership, and financial need with complete tuition and housing scholarships. In a participating university, the scholarship pays for all four years of undergraduate study.

Who may submit an application for the Evans Scholarship?

A great caddy record and enrollment in college or your final year of high school are requirements for applicants. A high academic record and proof of financial necessity are also requirements.

How can I submit an application for the Evans Scholarship?

A: To locate a regional chapter and learn more about the application procedure, interested students should go to the website of the Western Golf Association, which manages the Evans Scholarship program. 

Q: What is the selection procedure for the Evans Scholarship?

A: The caddie record, academic record, financial necessity, and leadership and character qualities that have been displayed are used to evaluate applicants. The scholarship committee conducts an in-person interview with the finalists.

How many scholarships are given out annually?

A: The number of scholarships distributed annually varies depending on the amount of funds that is made available, but normally around 1,000 scholarships are given out each year.

Which universities take part in the program for the Evans Scholarship?

A: Students enrolled in one of the 18 member universities—most of which are in the Midwest and East Coast—are given the Evans Scholarship.

What conditions must be met to keep the scholarship? 

A: Evans Scholars are expected to keep a high GPA and take advantage of the mentoring and leadership development opportunities offered by the scholarship program. Also, students are expected to support the program's goals by offering their time and abilities as volunteers.

Can graduate studies be paid for with the scholarship?

A: Undergraduate studies are the only ones eligible for the scholarship.

Is the scholarship transferable to other colleges or universities?

A: The scholarship can only be used at a university that is a participant.

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