Universities and financial aid for foreign students in Dubai

Universities and financial aid for foreign students in Dubai



In the Middle East, Dubai has developed into a regional center for trade and business. The city draws top experts and businesses from all over the world thanks to proactive government initiatives and its advantageous location. In the last ten years, Dubai has also evolved into a global intellectual powerhouse and the new location of some of the top universities in the world. With these chances for higher education in mind, we've created a thorough reference to the universities providing Dubai scholarships.


The government's continuous initiatives to promote innovation include the establishment of Dubai Knowledge Park and the launching of renowned universities in Dubai. With confidence that they will have the best academic and extracurricular experience possible, students can select the courses that most interest them. Families of expats who stay together also benefit because their kids won't have to leave the nation for a top-notch education.

Some prestigious colleges will offer scholarships in Dubai for international students in 2022 to entice recent high school graduates to pursue higher education. So continue reading to learn more about the available scholarship programs if you're interested in applying to universities.


One of the best universities in the UAE is the Canadian University of Dubai. Several undergraduate and graduate programs are available, including those in architecture, business, communication, computer engineering, computational sciences, electrical engineering, environmental health sciences, interior design, social sciences, master of business administration, and master in IT management and governance.

There are now six distinct scholarship programs available for current and future students.


Awards for Academic Excellence

athletic scholarships

Financial Difficulties Scholarship for People with Special Needs

Talent Scholarship Particular


Education Scholarship

Depending on the sort of scholarship you get and your qualifications, you may be eligible for a fee remission of up to 50% at Canadian University Dubai. If you're seeking for a scholarship in Dubai, consider Canadian University Dubai.

Location: Al Wasl's City Walk


In the UK, the University of Birmingham has been around for more than a century. Likewise, its campus in Dubai has established a solid reputation and draws top talent. Undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees are available in a variety of fields. Additionally, there are kind offers for a Dubai scholarship available, up to a possible 50% remission.

These are some of the scholarship programs they offer.

Advanced Award for Stay in the UAE Scholarship

GEMS Scholarship for Uni-Connect

Academic Scholarship from the Provost

Academic Merit Scholarship from the Chancellor

STEM Education

Award for Alumni Connections 

Location: Dubai, Academic City


Middlesex University is a different UK-based institution renowned for its academic prowess. Additionally, its branch in Dubai offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees as well as courses in the fields of business, law, media, science, technology, health, and education, as well as art, design, accounting, and finance. There are certain scholarship programs available for international students, some of which eliminate tuition completely. Depending on your qualifications, prior experience, CGPA, study level, and other considerations, you can apply for these.

Scholarship for Academic Excellence and International Study

Team Middlesex Sporting Excellence Scholarship, part of the GEMS Schools Partnership Grant

Schools Partnership Grant Corporate Study Grant APTECH Study Package

Grant for Professional Study Alumni Grant

Teacher Study Grant Esaad Postgraduate/Masters Study Grant 


A division of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the University of Dubai has both national and international accreditations. While international students can receive discounts and scholarships for degrees in management, finance, and law, Emirati students are entitled to particular scholarships.

Scholarships for four free courses are given to students who completed high school outside of the United Arab Emirates. There are additionally merit-based scholarships, referral discounts, and discounts for business partners. 


Curtin University comes next on our list of institutions providing scholarships in Dubai for foreign students. One of Australia's top institutions, its Dubai campus provides courses in business and management, IT and computing, engineering, arts, and humanities, as well as master's degrees in global business administration and international business.

These are Curtin University's scholarship offerings. 

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SUBSCRIBE Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Exceptional Professionalism Scholarship for Postgraduate Students Scholarship for Sports Excellence

Scholarship for Undergraduates from the Pro Vice Chancellor

SP Wahi Excellence Scholarship for Undergraduate Applicants

aid for money bursary

Alumni Grant Family Grant Women in Engineering Grant

Applications for the Australian/UAE National Grant Early Bird Offer Evening and additional awards

One of Dubai's top institutions for engineering is Curtin University.

Dubai International Academic City is the location. 


One of the top universities in the emirate is the American University in Dubai, which was founded in 1995. Over 2,000 students are currently enrolled in its various schools, which include the School of Business Administration, the School of Engineering, the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC), the School of Arts & Sciences, the School of Architecture, Art & Design, and the School of Education.

The H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Scholarship for Undergraduate Study, AUD School Partnership Initiative (ASPI), AUD Senior Scholarship, and The AUD Alumni Tuition Waiver are some of the scholarship programs available to overseas students.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Sufouh 

University of Murdoch

With a network of over 70,000 alumni worldwide, Murdoch University is known for its caliber and distinction. It provides a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma programs and is regarded as one of the top Australian institutions in Dubai. The branch office in Dubai is situated at Academic City Dubai.

In Dubai, they also provide large scholarships for students from other countries. Pathway Programs Scholarships, Academic Merit Scholarships, MBA and Master of Information Technology Scholarships, Early Bird Discount, Partner School Bursary, Refer A Friend/ Family Bursary, Alumni Bursary, and Corporate Partnership Discount are just a few of their numerous scholarships and discounts. For individuals looking for a free scholarship in Dubai, several programs will provide fee waivers of up to 100%. 

University of Herbert-Watt

Heriot-Watt University completes our list of institutions that provide financial aid to international students. Since opening its first campus in 1821, the institution has grown its reputation through providing top-notch instruction and cutting-edge research. It is one of Dubai's best British universities.

There are foundational courses, undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs available. Therefore, people looking for PhD scholarships in Dubai stand to gain greatly. Students may submit an application for one of the following discounts or scholarships.

ICE Scholarship for Civil Engineering

Discount for early applications

Discount for Full Advance Payment of Fees

Discount for Corporate Companies

Scholarship for alumni

Scholarship for family

Scholarship for Community Engagement via Sports

Entry-Level Degree Program A merit-based award

Merit Scholarship for Undergraduates

merit scholarship for postgraduates

mathematical PhD and Scholarship in Computer Sciences

Engineering in Petroleum Scholarship 

Location: Knowledge Park in Dubal


On their official websites, universities provide information about scholarships, including qualifying requirements, deadlines, and the application procedure. Check the scholarship page before submitting your admission application to ensure you don't miss any opportunities. In specific circumstances, Dubai may offer complete scholarships to foreign students.

How may expats obtain scholarships in Dubai?

For foreign students, certain colleges provide scholarship programs. Whether the scholarship is for Emirati students or expats will be made clear in the eligibility requirements announced on the official website.


Here is a thorough list of the top schools and universities in the UAE if you have graduated from high school and want to continue your studies there. 

Dubai universities. In Dubai, certain universities provide full scholarships to foreign students.


Visit our list of the top universities in Abu Dhabi if you reside in the capital. Are you based in the center of culture for the UAE? Sharjah is home to a number of prestigious universities.

This finishes our post on the top colleges that provide international students with a Dubai scholarship. We really hope it helps you locate the ideal institution for the following phase of your academic career.

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