Scholarships we offer in Dubai

Scholarships we offer in Dubai


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All of our new students will benefit from our scholarship options, and the financial benefits will follow them throughout the whole program at the foundational, undergraduate, and graduate levels. If our Dubai students want to complete their undergraduate Year 2 at our UK location, we also offer them the unusual chance to utilise their newly acquired Dubai scholarship there. 

How to submit a scholarship application

On our course listing page, you may locate your program.

To submit your program application, click APPLY NOW.

If your application is accepted, you will get a letter of acceptance from us within 5 working days.

Embrace your offer

Your scholarship offer will be sent to you by email.

It's that simple! 

The specifics of each of our distinctive scholarship opportunities are listed below:

Dispatch all parts

Academic Scholarship from the Provost

Academic Merit Scholarship from the Chancellor

STEM Education

Advanced Award for Stay in the UAE Scholarship

GEMS Scholarship for Uni-Connect

Alumni Relations Scholarship

Scholarship for Excellence in the UAE

Scholarship for corporate companies

Utilize your scholarship to travel to the UK.

referral bonus for scholarships 

These scholarship awards are based on both predicted and final grades, and are subject to the accuracy of results provided in the application form against the final results submitted for entry.

**Please note our scholarships cannot be combined and each application is reviewed on an individual basis and are all up to 40%

Meet some of our Provost Academic Scholarship Awardees

Malika Chandoo, PGCE in Secondary Mathematics Education: "I am overjoyed to have received the Chancellor's Scholarship as I begin this new career path that will allow me to contribute a little to the next generation. It is, in fact, a beautiful chance that I am very much looking forward to being able to achieve this through a top 100 worldwide and elite UK Russell Group university here in Dubai. 

BEng Mechanical Engineering Kareem Malati

"When I discovered that I had won this renowned award at a school as large as the University of Birmingham, a wave of joy and pleasure suddenly swept through my body. Being selected as one of the select few to get this award makes me feel incredibly grateful and honored. I'm confident hi I can take use of this chance to the fullest."

Please send an email to for the complete terms and conditions for our scholarships.

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