Scholarship for a 2022 start date at the University of Aberdeen's Philosophy Department in Digital Epistemic Virtue's

Scholarship for a 2022 start date at the University of Aberdeen's Philosophy Department in Digital Epistemic Virtue's


The project will make use of the most up-to-date social epistemology and virtue

 epistemology tools in order to provide a brand-new foundation for our understanding of online inquiry and information sharing, to better understand the sources of online epistemic risk, and to better equip ourselves to successfully navigate them.

One of the theoretical constraints of past epistemological approaches to the online infodemic is the fact that they separated the theoretical emphasis on brain-bound cognition from the technologies that so intricately and thoroughly scaffolded us. 

This kind of concentration is not surprising given that traditional epistemology has only recently begun to theorize about knowledge and intellectual virtues in a way that recognizes how good thinking is frequently not clearly separable from good cognitive scaffolding, that is, from good and responsible ways of relying on our environments and on technology to further our intellectual goals.

The project offers a fresh framework for debating the benefits and drawbacks of digital epistemology, enabling better evaluation of online epistemic risk, improved online information navigation, and more efficient conversion of digital information into digital knowledge.

The project's practical objective is to cooperate with educators and researchers in addition to generating scholarly findings. 

Information about University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is a publicly funded research organization in Aberdeen, Scotland.

King's College was founded in 1495 as a result of a request made to Pope Alexander VI by William Elphinstone, Bishop of Aberdeen and Chancellor of Scotland, on behalf of James IV, King of Scots. It is the third-oldest university in Scotland and the fifth-oldest in the English-speaking world.

Aberdeen is consistently ranked among the top 160 universities in the world, along with the other top 20 universities.

Philosophy Ph.D. Scholarship at the University of Aberdeen: Purposes and Advantages

In addition to a complete tuition fee waiver, the fellowship provides a £6,000 annual maintenance stipend.

A three-year scholarship will be awarded, subject to good progress. 

PhD Philosophy Scholarships at the University of Aberdeen

Scholarship for a Philosophy PhD at the University of Aberdeen Postgraduate Institution College of Aberdeen to pursue studies British Empire enrolled in College of Aberdeen Undefined study program Originating nation Men and Women Requirements for the University of Aberdeen Ph.D. Philosophy Scholarship; deadline for applications: June 30, 2022.

The competitive scholarship is open to applicants from all over the world.

Through their references, proposals, and prior experience, candidates must exhibit excellent academic merit and the capacity to carry out independent research.

The candidate must possess—or plan to possess holding—a philosophy undergraduate degree with epistemology courses at the UK first-class or 2:1 honors level, or the equivalent in other countries, before beginning studies.

You should have a master's degree in your area of study, while it is not required.

When and where is the University of Aberdeen PhD Philosophy Scholarship? Interview

The candidate whose application is approved will begin their studies in September 2022.

Documents needed for your application

Your submission must include a detailed study proposal (1000–1500 words) detailing how

The Ph.D. study that was advertised will involve you.

transcripts and degree certificates.

two academic sources must support the claim.

Application Deadline

June 30, 2022. 

Procedure for Application

Before submitting your application, email the project supervisor to discuss how you might fit into the project, how your own research interests will benefit the project, and how you plan to formulate your research proposal.

The doctoral application portal will be used for the submission. You may find additional information about the process on this website.

To learn more, go to the UA website.

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