International students can apply now for 2023–2024 Google Scholarships under the Generation Google program.

International students can apply now for 2023–2024 Google Scholarships under the Generation Google program.


Request a Google Scholarship for 2023 or 2024.

2023-2024 Google Scholarships | Generation Google Scholarship; International Students can Apply Now and Explore our Student and Travel Scholarships, all of which aim to encourage and support pursuing professions in technology. Utilize Google to create your future.

The generation Google scholarship is a fully funded scholarship program run by Google that supports deserving overseas students studying computer science degrees.

We'll examine the following today:

Criteria for Generation Google Scholarship eligibility 

the paperwork needed for the Generation Google scholarship

Application instructions for the Generation Google Scholarship

Benefits and Coverage of the Google Scholarship 

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prerequisites for participation in the Google Scholarship program.

1) You must intend to enroll full-time in PhD, Masters, or Bachelors programs at an institution of higher learning in Canada or the United States. 

2) A strong academic record is required.

3) You should provide Google with evidence of your financial necessity.

4) You should show Google that you are passionate about technology and computer science.

The necessary paperwork for the Google Scholarship generation

1) A PDF of your CV or resume.

2) A PDF of your three concise solutions to the essay-related questions.

Benefits & Coverage of the Google Generation Scholarship.

I You will get $10,000 if you are a US student and are chosen.

(ii) If you are a Canadian student and are chosen, you will receive $5,000. 

Request a Google Global Scholarship for 2023–2024.

How to apply for the Google Scholarship for Generation

Step 1: Complete your background information, including your contact information and specifics about your current university.

Step 2: You must disclose details about your household and family.

Step 3: Submit all necessary paperwork.

The essay inquiries comprise:

I You must provide Google with instances of your leadership qualities.

Describe your objective, position, and methods of persuasion in response to this question.

(ii) You must identify the problem that historically affects the disadvantaged groups in the technology sector, explain how it came about, and then detail all the steps you have individually made to address the problem. 

See also the 2023–2024 Chevening scholarship (Fully supported) (ii) You must explain to Google in the final question all of your financial circumstances that lead to your need for a scholarship.

Please elaborate on the objectives you will be able to achieve after receiving the Google Generation Scholarship in the last question.

Note: No single response to one of the three essay questions should exceed 500 words.

Be patient and submit your application before the deadline since the 2022–2023 academic year, generation Google Scholars, applications closed on December 10, 2021. However, the 2023–2024 academic year, generation Google Scholar applications for university students will open on October 2022. 

2023-2024 Google scholarships; submit an application now

the generation's terms and conditions FNoirst Google scholarship You should only use the Google Free Scholarship Award money for educational-related expenses, such as books, tuition, and fees.

2 Google scholarship recipients are required to be enrolled full-time for the 2023–2024 academic year.

3 Enrollment will be confirmed by Google before the scholarship recipients for the 2023–2024 school year are chosen.

4 The Generation Google Scholarship Terms & Conditions must be signed by the parents of the selected children who are under the age of 18. 

5 The Google Scholar who does not continue to meet the criteria for the Generation Google Student Scholarship forfeits the prize.

6 Google will provide information on how to collect your reward if you are chosen as a Google Scholar.

7 If you don't finish the application process by the deadline specified on the scholarship Google site, you won't be eligible for the Google scholarship award.

8 You are not eligible for the Generation Google scholarship if you work for Google.

You can email Google at if you have any questions or more information. is a more reliable link.

Further information can be found at 

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$30k Doodle for Google Contest

March 07, 2023

Award Categories: 60

Description of the scholarship:

Create a Google Doodle based on the theme for this year using your creativity. Although students are free to use whatever supplies they like, all Doodles must be submitted through the submission form. The entry form can be mailed or submitted online as a.png or.jpg by parents and teachers. The artwork of the National Winner will be shown on for one day. In addition, the winner will get a $50,000 technology package for their school or non-profit organization, a trip to Google's headquarters in California, a $30,000 college scholarship, Google gear, and amusing Google apparel.

The doodles of the four National Finalists who do not win the competition will be displayed in the Doodle for Google gallery. A $5,000 grant, a trip to the Google offices in California, Google hardware, and amusing Google merchandise will all be given to each National Finalist. All state and territory winners will receive cool Googley merchandise, their doodles displayed in the Doodle for Google gallery, Google hardware, and a celebration assembly at their school. Visit the scholarship's website for more details and to submit an application. webpage of the provider

the Google Scholarships Complete Guide;

Given that Google is a global leader in software and technology, it is not surprising that they provide a number of scholarships for students who want to major in computer science and engineering.

As a result of Google's ability to provide such significant payments, candidates must contend with fierce competition if they hope to win one of their scholarships. If you want to submit a successful application for a Google scholarship, you need be as prepared as you can be.

In this article, I'll go over every major Google Award in depth before offering you advice on how to submit a killer application. 


For students interested in pursuing an education and career in computer science, computer engineering, or a closely connected sector, Google offers seven significant scholarships. It makes natural that Google would encourage outstanding students to study CS because the company is continuously looking to hire individuals with these talents.

Most of the Google scholarships are restricted to particular communities in an effort to encourage underrepresented groups to pursue CS and other technological disciplines. The seven significant scholarships I'll address are as follows:

The Generation Google Scholarship (North America) requires applicants to be female, American Indian, African American, Hispanic, or Filipino/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. 

The Generation Google Scholarship (Asia Pacific) is available to women who are pursuing computer science degrees in nations in the region.

The Generation Google Scholarship is available to female students in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa who are majoring in computer science.

The Google Lime Scholarship for Students with Disabilities requires candidates to be enrolled in school in the US or Canada and to have a physical or mental impairment.

The Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities requires both a European study location and a disability from applicants. 

The Google SVA Scholarship for Student Veterans requires that applicants be either US veterans or active US military personnel.

The Venkat Panchapakesan Scholarships (India) – Applicants must be Indian citizens who are enrolled full-time in school.

You'll find tips for improving your chances of receiving a Google scholarship at the end of the post.

The Google Scholarship for Generation (North America)

High school seniors or current undergraduate or graduate students who are majoring in computer science and engineering and want to attend college in the US or Canada are eligible for the Generation Google Scholarship (North America). students who historically associate with certain organizations 

Women, Black/African Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, American Indians, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders who have been historically excluded from the technological sector are especially urged to apply.

Depending on where they attend school, winners earn either $10,000 (US) or $5,000 (Canadian). Tuition or other expenditures associated with schooling must be paid with money.

Deadline: The application usually goes live in the fall, with a late December deadline.

eligibility requirements
Candidates must:

Plan to enroll or be accepted as a full-time student in a Bachelors, Masters, or PhD program at a recognized college or university in the US or Canada for the upcoming academic year. 

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