Kotzen Scholarships at Simmons University in the US for 2022

This is Simmons' highest honor and recognizes distinction in the areas of study abroad, academic research, and intellectual curiosity. 

The Kotzen Scholarship covers all costs for tuition, lodging, and board in addition to an extra $3,000 for extracurricular activities like study abroad, research assistance, and other things. This scholarship, which replaces any prior merit awards, is given for the duration of four years of full-time undergraduate education. 

Kotzen Scholarships at Simmons University in the US for 2022

Concerning Simmons University 

In Boston, Massachusetts, the United States, Simmons University is a private undergraduate institution with a gender-neutral graduate program. John Simmons, a clothes manufacturer, founded it in 1899. It underwent a structural redesign and a name change to a university in 2018.   

Simmons University Undergraduate Organization, Bachelors Simmons College United States of America Study Country Study School Simmons University Studying course not defined Country of Origin Application deadline December 1, 2022 Gender Men and Women 
The purpose and advantages of Simmons University Bachelors 

Tuition costs will be given to the recipients of the Simmons University - Kotzen Scholarships in the United States in 2022. 

Food and lodging. 

A prize worth US$3,000. 

requirements for a bachelor's degree from Simmons University 

For the fall semester, applicants for the Simmons University - Kotzen Scholarships in the US, 2022, shall enroll as freshmen. 

The minimum scores for applicants are 28 on the ACT, 1300 on the new SAT, or 1250 on the previous SAT-CR+M, with a minimum score of 600 in each SAT component. 

Non-native English speakers must provide their TOEFL and SAT/ACT results. 

An unweighted GPA of at least 3.5 is required of applicants for the Simmons University - Kotzen Scholarships in the United States, 2022. 

Candidates must have taken an advanced level math course in addition to a curriculum for college preparation. 

Candidates must have a history of taking honors, AP, and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. 

Application-Required Documents 

A succinct response of no more than 250 words outlining how they would spend the extra $3,000 

A formal essay of no more than 500 words discussing the best ways for women to drive change in the modern world. 

How to Use 

In addition to a resume listing activities and affiliations, the application requires brief answers and formal essays in response to the questions below. By December 1, students must email their essays and resumes in PDF or Word Doc format with the subject line "Kotzen Application." The student's entire name and birthdate should be on each page of the document. 

Please take note that we will not convert or accept incompatible files, thus it is the student's obligation to present a working file in the appropriate format (PDF or Word) (i.e. Google Docs, Pages, etc.) 

Essay starters 

How would you use your additional $3,000 in annual funding (for study abroad, short-term courses, summer internship tuition, and/or research support)? Short Answer (of no more than 250 words). 

Formal Essay (500 words or less): While some people contend that leaders are "made," not "born," others maintain the contrary position, according to which leaders are "created." Write a paper defending one side or the other of the argument. To prove your point, give a concrete instance of a leader, either from history or from your own life. 

Candidates selected as finalists for scholarships will have to go through an interview in February. 

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