PhD Awards at University of Bologna for International Students in 2023

PhD Awards at University of Bologna for International Students in 2023 Italian University Offering PhD scholarships to international students in collaboration with NRRP, this organisation offers more than 280 opportunities for professional training improvement.

The three-year PhD fellowship has a total gross cost of €69,991.  

 A nett stipend of approximately €1,200 per year is proposed. 

Each PhD student also receives financial support for research-related expenses totalling around €5,000 over the course of three years, plus an extra €600 per month for the six months they spend studying abroad.

PhD Awards at University of Bologna for International Students in 2023

A financial reward in the form of a scholarship is given to the PhD student. PhD Awards at University of Bologna for International Students in 2023 An employment contract with the employer is not required of the employee to sign.

University of Bologna, Italy, is the scholarship's sponsor.

  • Host institution is an Italian university in Bologna.
  • €69,991 in scholarship money, plus
  •  associated expenses
  • 280 awards were granted.
  • doctoral degree
  • Local and international students' nationalities.

  • For further information, visit:Unicaf University confers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees.

The University of Bologna is offering NRRP PhD Scholarships.

The PhD programme gives students the skills they need to carry out top-notch research and pursue advanced professional career trajectories, not just in academic institutions but also in the public and private sectors. 

PhD candidates will also carry out research and receive training while they are abroad and on placement in a business.

Students will learn how to carry out autonomous, original research in a specific setting as part of the PhD programme. 

In addition, they will gain useful transferrable abilities including the ability to handle unforeseen circumstances, work with people, and effectively communicate their results. These skills are ones that go beyond being experts in their field of specialisation. 

Companies, the manufacturing and service sectors, as well as the public sector, lay a strong focus on these key qualities.

Rules for eligibility

In order to be eligible for University of Bologna NRRP PhD Scholarships, applicants must fulfil the conditions given below:

Both domestic and international students are required to apply.

a graduate of the University of Bologna or another Italian or international university (second-cycle degree or single-cycle degree programme) who will graduate by June 6, 2023, as an undergraduate (second-cycle degree or single-cycle degree programme).

The ability to speak English must be demonstrated by candidates.

  • Additionally, make sure to:IHS Towers Technical Skills Acquisition Programme 2023 Graduates from Nigeria

Steps for Applications

How to Apply 

Acceptance into a PhD programme is subject to satisfactory completion of a selection process that is described in the call for applications. 

Along with an examination of the candidate's qualifications and project proposal, this frequently involves an oral evaluation of the applicant. 

In accordance with their scores, the contenders are then ranked.

Scholarships are awarded to candidates according to their ranking, taking into consideration any reserved spaces and/or other special instructions indicated in the call for applications.

Additional scholarships are available; see our category for Canadian Scholarships, USA Scholarship, instructions on how to study abroad, and an international student readiness check list. to pick the ones that most closely match your requirements.

The deadline for submissions is June 6, 2023.

Find out more by going to the official website.

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