Programmes for Scholarships for Sasol Youth in South Africa 2023

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Sasol Youth Scholarships for South Africans 2023 Programmes

Fully funded SASOL Bursary Programme for South African Youth

The Sasol Bursary Programmes for South African Youths, which adhere to a high level of uniform standards in terms of orientation, training, development,Programmes for Scholarships for Sasol Youth in South Africa 2023 and exposure to the business processes, are now accepting highly talented undergraduates and recent graduates in the various engineering and science disciplines.

Programmes for Scholarships for Sasol Youth in South Africa 2023

Sasol must make sure that talents are constantly accessible to assist our growth due to the skills deficit in South Africa and throughout the world. Programmes for Scholarships for Sasol Youth in South Africa 2023

The Sasol Bursary schemes for South African students are the sole means through which we can accomplish our strategic and transformative talent goals.

The South African company Sasol is the scholarship's sponsor.

The location is Sasol in South Africa.

  • Bursary Amount: Unknown

There were several prizes given out.

programmes leading to master's and bachelor's degrees

folks who call South Africa home.

INFORMATION | The Sasol Scholarships for South African Youth Graduates have consistently indicated Sasol as their prefered career in the Chemicals and Energy sector on the SAGEA job Survey, reiterating Sasol's position as the market leader in this field.Also read more scholarship

Sasol today provides a variety of initiatives to support the success of students and recent graduates, including:

The South African Scholarship Programme includes the Sasol Foundation Scholarships, Graduate Development Programme at Sasol, Vacation Work at Sasol, and Sasol YES Initiative.

  • Be careful of:2023 Guide to Scholarship Awards from the Australian Government

what is needed to qualify

To qualify for Sasol Bursary Programmes, applicants must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Bursaries are provided for regular degree programmes for a specific period of time.

  • Students that are enrolled in or want to enrol in a "5-year study" If you continue to apply and we later learn that you have enrolled in or intend to enrol in a 5-year study, the bursary will be cancelled or terminated with immediate effect.

  • Even if they do not plan to apply for a second, third, or fourth-year bursary, students are nevertheless expected to be able to follow the aforementioned requirements. 

  • If you have ever dropped a class, skipped a module, or cancelled a module, all of which would have added a year to the study term and made it a 5- or 6-year study period, we kindly ask that you not apply. 

  • Students must enrol full-time at a standard South African university that has been accredited and accepted.  

  • For instance, UNISA, which describes itself as a distance-learning university, does not allow students to enrol. 

  • A few examples include obtaining a B.Sc. in chemistry together with a degree in chemical engineering, a B.Eng. in mechatronics, a B.Sc. in environmental and geology, etc.

  • Students need to understand that any alterations to the data provided during the application process, during a prospective interview for a bursary, or at any other time will invalidate the scholarship or application.

  • If an applicant provides false information during the application process and Sasol learns of this information later due to a potential fraudulent act, whether intentional or unintentional, the invitation for the additional selection process, the bursary offer, or the bursary will be withdrawn/terminated with immediate effect. 

  • A B.Eng./B.Sc. engineering degree normally takes 4 years to complete, therefore you must still be able to complete it in that amount of time.

  • Additionally pertinent is the Entry Level Training Programme (ELTP) 2023 for African Graduates with Access Bank.

 Applications Techniques

  • Application Process: Interested parties should comply by the following guidelines in order to be eligible for Sasol Bursary Programmes:

  • All applications shall be filed prior to the business's closing on the application closing date.
  • Applications that are incomplete or received after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Applications sent via email or in any other way besides through the Sasol Bursaries website will not be considered.
  • The deadline for submissions is June 6 , 2023.

For further details, go to the official website.

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