Norway Master's Scholarships

 Norway Master's Scholarships.Help with Norwegian International Studies

Norway Master's Scholarships

As they are enticed to the Masters programs offered by Norwegian universities, international students are increasingly choosing Norway, one of the most beautiful and livable countries in the world, as their study abroad destination.

While the exact sums are still being worked out, international students will be expected to pay tuition beginning in the fall of 2023.Norway Master's Scholarships We'll update this guide whenever we receive them. Along with this, you should consider how expensive life is in this area. 

You may learn more about possible financial aid from the Norwegian government and see a list of the most prestigious Norway Masters Scholarships on this page.

You can also browse the list of master's programs in Norway on our website or the information on postgraduate study there.

For Norwegian master's scholarships, international students can apply.

Although there are numerous Masters scholarships available in Norway for international students, we have our doubts about whether the country would still provide financial aid to these students if tuition expenses were to rise.

 The list below includes the most widely used funding options. The prerequisites to be eligible for financial aid from the Norwegian government for future non-Norwegians are also covered.

The contributions made by the American-Scandinavian Foundation

For American college students enrolled in Norwegian language studies at a Norwegian university, the American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) offers fellowships and awards.

It is possible to undertake research studies for a year in Norway (or another Nordic nation) with the help of fellowships, the maximum value of which is USD $23,000. The grant's maximum value is $5,000 USD and it can only be used for three-month research projects or study abroad trips.

You must also submit a personal statement, three letters of recommendation, and a research proposal to be evaluated for admission. You must also show evidence of your Norwegian language proficiency. Beginning in November, applications are due, and those selected will be notified in the middle of April.

Please be aware that neither Norwegian language courses nor English language courses qualify for ASF funding.

Find out more about the scholarships and grants offered by the American-Scandinavian Foundation.

Sweden Flinders

  • For American students studying in Norway for 10 months, the US-Norway Fulbright Foundation offers a variety of awards to help with living expenses.

  • Unless your chosen course or field of study specifically calls for it, you do not need to speak Norwegian fluently. A little Norwegian language proficiency, however, can improve your application.

  • You must submit an affiliation letter from a Norwegian university proving that you have a professor's clearance to continue your studies in Norway in order to be considered for a Fulbright award. The following supporting documentation must also be submitted:

  • The courses you plan to take while in Norway should be described in the purpose statement for your grant.

a statement of purpose outlining your goals and background

three-letter recommendations

a table of grades

Beginning of May is often when the application deadline falls.

  1. Study up on the Fulbright grants in Norway.

  2. Norwegian Literature and Language Travel Grant

If you are studying Norwegian language or literature for a master's (or doctoral) degree outside of Norway and want to go there for up to three months as part of your dissertation project, you might be eligible to apply for a mobility grant.

These financial aid packages include a NOK 11,229 (€1,320) monthly living allowance in addition to the cost of travel to Norway.

A tutor who is willing to oversee you must be found before you may apply to a Norwegian institution. The next step is to complete and submit an online application via Espresso, the Norwegian university application system. It typically closes in mid-may.

The Norwegian Language and Literature Mobility Grants are described in more detail here.Also read more scholarship.

NORAM's funding assistance

The Norway-America Association can support students who are American or Norwegian who want to pursue higher education overseas.

Postgraduate study is available through its scholarship program, including complete degrees and exchange opportunities. Depending on the scope of the study project and how long you remain in Norway, you could receive a salary between NOK 10,000 and NOK 40,000 (1,175 to 4,700). If you need longer time than the first, you can apply for a second year.

Visit the NORAM website to submit both the required paperwork and your online application:Norway Master's Scholarships

  • a single claim

  • a table of grades

an estimate of the cost of your studies in Norway

an additional two letters of recommendation

your acceptance letter to the Norwegian university

Applications must be submitted beginning in April.

Find out more information about NORAM, the Norwegian Scholarships for Americans.

Anglo-Norse culture's way of life

Gillian Lady Brown For British students pursuing one of the following degrees in Norway, the Anglo-Norwegian Society provides postgraduate grants of £3,000:

writers from Norway

  1. Danish earlier

  2. compositions of music from Scandinavia

  3. Translation Analysis

You need a 2.1 to earn your bachelor's degree. On the website of the Anglo-Norse Society, an application form may be downloaded. Applications must be submitted by the end of June.

The funding was provided by the government of Norway.

The Norwegian government sporadically provides financial aid (Lnekassen) to international students who want to pursue master's degrees there. In the cases listed below, you might be eligible for this assistance:

Runaway that you are.

Your spouse is a Norwegian citizen.

You have a relative who is an EEA citizen but doesn't attend school there.

Prior to beginning your master's program, you had at least 24 months of full-time work experience in Norway.

You completed at least three years of study in Norway before beginning your new program without receiving any Lnekassen funding.

Under the following conditions, citizens of the EEA/EFTA may also be eligible for L'Nekassen:

  1. You'll work at least 10 hours per week while enrolled in classes.

  2. You are granted permission to live permanently in Norway.

  3. On the official website, you can find more details regarding Lnekassen eligibility.

  4. If you match the requirements for Lnekassen, you could be eligible for grants and loans for up to NOK 128,887 (€12,268) year

FindAMasters scholarships for Norway

Don't forget to submit an application for one of our own FindAMasters scholarships if you need assistance paying for your postgraduate studies in Norway. There is no catch; all you need to do is apply to one of the master's degree programs offered this academic year at a Norwegian university that lists.Also read more Norway Master's Scholarships

One scholarship worth £6,000 is available. In light of this, if you've discovered a Masters program in Norway, why not sign up for scholarship news? As soon as we can, we'll contact you to let you know how to apply!

fees for master's programs in Norway for international students

For students from Switzerland and outside the EU/EEA who enroll in Norwegian master's degree programs, tuition will start to accrue in the fall of 2023. There is still a need for further details about this and how it will affect public universities.

In Norway, there are a number of private universities that charge tuition, however at these schools, international students typically pay the same as Norwegian citizens. The payments could be very different and total up to €10,000 each year.

You frequently have to pay a small semester fee at any university you attend. Set aside between $30 and $60 for this.

Search for master's programs in Norway.

You're ready to start exploring your possibilities for studying abroad, right? Review and contrast the master's programs available in Norway.

A summary of Norwegian master's degree programs for 2023

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Are you planning to pursue a master's degree in Norway? The details about programs, applications, funding, and other information you need to decide are all included in this handbook.

  • For Graduate Students: A Description of Daily Life in Norway

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In what ways are master's programs carried out in Norway? Read a detailed explanation of the costs, housing alternatives, and jobs available after graduation.

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