Postdoctoral Research Program of the Government of Canada 2023/2024

Postdoctoral Research Program of the Government of Canada 2023/2024: Natural Resources Canada is seeking recent graduates in the natural sciences to join the Postdoctoral Research Program. 

This initiative is being carried out in partnership with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Health Canada, and Public Health Agency of Canada.

The Postdoctoral Research Program offers scientists who have just graduated with a doctorate in a natural sciences discipline the chance to collaborate with research teams or leaders at government research labs and institutions across Canada. New and developing talent also benefits the Canadian government.

Through their research, federal research scientists contribute to strategic choices, policies, laws, and programs by establishing a solid scientific knowledge base.

Research scientists carry out their job in accordance with departmental mandates in order to achieve the desired results and to conceptualize, define, develop, and start new results in program delivery, fulfilling the department's future demands.

The chosen candidates will be employed on a temporary basis as Scientific Research (SE-RES) personnel. Please see the SE sub-group Scientific Research SE-RES to view the pay scale.

Postdoctoral Research Program of the Government of Canada 2022/2023

College Degree:

For anyone interested in conducting post-doctoral research at Canadian universities,The Postdoctoral Research Program of the Government of Canada 2023/2024  is offered.

available subjects:

These are the subjects that are eligible for study through this scholarship program.

All Subject:

Benefits of a scholarship

Hiring managers from participating federal organizations can obtain an inventory of eligible candidates.

Nationalities that qualify:

Every Nationality

eligibility requirements

We're searching for applicants who received their doctoral degrees in the scientific sciences within the last 3 (three) years*.

Applicants who were unable to apply during the 3-year window due to a severe professional delay or interruption may receive special consideration. If this relates to your program eligibility, please get in touch with the PRP Mailbox at

If a candidate is presently enrolled in a PhD program at an accredited post-secondary school, their application will be approved; but, in order to be appointed to a job, they must also satisfy the educational qualifications.Also read more scholarship

candidates with international credentials

submitting an application:

Hiring managers utilize the inventory to find applicants with the necessary specializations and experience when there are openings to fill. Successful candidates are then contacted and evaluated by hiring managers.


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