Switzerland 2023 UNIL Masters Scholarship | Study in Europe

Switzerland 2023 UNIL Masters Scholarship | Study in Europe


A respectable chance for overseas students desiring to complete their master's degrees in Europe is the UNIL Masters Scholarship in Switzerland 2023. 

This international scholarship program is only open to young people who graduated from a foreign university with a bachelor's degree and had a distinguished academic record. A broad cultural community committed to bringing advancements in various disciplines is what this program wants to prepare. It serves as a beacon of hope for the top students. To accomplish the institute's goal of catching foreign students' attention and including them in various educational activities and programs for assuring collaboration in the global communities, young minds are invited to become an integral part of this UNIL master grant. 

The human and social sciences, environmental sciences, life sciences, and medicine are the three main areas of study for UNIL scholars in Europe. People from different countries, races, faiths, nationalities, and social, economic, and political backgrounds learn to work together through the scholarship program. This scholarship for overseas students to study in Europe tends to offer quality- and innovation-driven mentoring, all under the direction of a highly experienced teaching staff. Through partnerships with other highly regarded colleges, the program provides students and teaching professionals with the most recent equipment and technology. The charter of values is also the main code of conduct that upholds each person's respect and integrity throughout their participation in academic programs. 

The UNIL Switzerland scholarship program enables every gifted and committed student to advance their professional growth and polish the abilities they have acquired while attending UNIL. Also, it enables students to collaborate with a variety of individuals and use their intellectual gifts to contribute to the economies of both Switzerland and their home nations. It offers a cutting-edge setting with modern technology and apparatus well-equipped in the laboratories. Also, it gives students access to a large, lush environment that serves to give them a chance to relax and clear their minds. In this way, in addition to educational activities, cultural activities are also encouraged in the kids. 

The master's scholarship 2023 at the University of Lausanne provides a wide range of educational opportunities, multidisciplinary courses, and different sporting and cultural pursuits. While studying at UNIL, various recreational activities are encouraged among the students. The university is driven to establish itself as a knowledge centre that fosters socioeconomic development by integrating classroom learning and real-world experience into the global economy while working under the most qualified leaders. Moreover, the University and Cantonal Libraries give students quick access to all research materials, cutting-edge research equipment, and a comfortable reading atmosphere next to Lake Geneva. The University Hospital of the Canton of Vaud is UNIL's primary organization, and it strives to stay at the cutting edge of medical progress.

Swiss Masters Scholarship from UNIL 2023:

Switzerland is the venue

The University of the Inhabitant: 


Program leading to a master's degree The UNIL scholarship for international students is awarded over a two-year period.

Services Provided by UNIL

The following master's degree programs are available at UNIL: 

Health and Biology

Criminal Justice, Law, and Public Administration

Environmental and Geosciences

Economics and business

Arts Social Sciences Politics

Theology and religious studies

Programs between the Faculties

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The UNIL Scholarship 2023 in Switzerland has the following advantages:

Applicants may apply from anywhere in the world.

The candidates will receive a CHF 1,600 monthly stipend for the entire master's program.

Apart for the CHF 80.00 in fees that must be paid for each semester, students will not be required to pay registration costs for the courses.

Guidelines for UNIL Masters Scholarship Eligibility in Switzerland 2023: 

Applicants must hold a diploma from a foreign university that is comparable to a UNIL bachelor's degree.

The candidate must have excelled in all areas of academic study.

Applicants must be at least B2 in French or C1 in English in their chosen language.

The candidate cannot be a UNIL registered user.

The applicant must have paid an entry fee of CHF 200.00.

The candidate's health is required.

All prerequisites must be met by the candidate.

For the term of the degree, the candidate must visit Switzerland. 

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How to Submit an Application for the 2023 UNIL Masters Scholarship in Switzerland?

The applicant must mail the entire application, along with a list of the supporting documents, to the address listed below.

Lausanne University

Service for social business and student mobility (SASME)

Unicenter for Batiment 

CH-1015 Geneva

The application form must be completed electronically by the applicants.

Please include as much information about yourself as possible, such as your name, address, birthdate, nationality, and religion.

Fill out every field that is necessary for each level.

Put up scanned copies of papers in the required format.

Publish scanned images of photos in the required format.

Carefully fill out your application.

The candidate must sign the application form after it has been fully filled out.

In the first part of April, the selection committee will contact the chosen candidates.

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Documents Needed for the UNIL Scholarship Abroad 2023?

The applicant has properly signed the application. 

Jpeg-formatted photo the size of a passport.

a copy of your diploma from high school. It must be translated into certified/notarized English if it is not written in German, French, Italian, or English.

Academic transcripts in copy form.

A description of the courses taken in the most recent semester is necessary in the event that there is no degree.

comprehensive CV or resume.

The Cover Letter

two recommendation letters from lecturers.

For proving English or French competency, submit a TOEFL or IELTS score report. The needed levels are B2 in French and C1 in English.

Details from an identity card or passport.

Evidence that the CHF 200.00 entry price has been paid.

Payment bank information: 

After Finance

1015 University of Lausanne

Account number 10-13575-3 for Lausanne

Invoice number: CH17 0900 0000 1001 3575 3.


Justification for the payment: Your name and last name for a master's scholarship

Deadline for UNIL Scholarship Applications: November 1, 2022, is the deadline for UNIL Scholarship applications.

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