African and Caribbean students are eligible for the Andrea Levy University of Edinburgh 2023–2024 Scholarship in Scotland.

African and Caribbean students are eligible for the Andrea Levy University of Edinburgh 2023–2024 Scholarship in Scotland.


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African and Caribbean students are eligible for the Andrea Levy University of Edinburgh 2023–2024 Scholarship in Scotland.

Thanks to a bequest from the family of the late Andrea Levy, the University of Edinburgh has the honor of providing scholarships to help Black African and Caribbean ancestry applicants from socioeconomically disadvantaged homes.

In 2020, the Andrea Levy Scholarships were created in honor of the multiple-award-winning author Andrea Levy. Ms. Levy, who was born in London of Jamaican parents, had deep personal and family ties to Edinburgh and to Scotland. The University of Edinburgh is proud to host this scholarship program as a tribute to her memory.

Throughout your undergraduate degree, the Scholarship is intended to help with your living expenses and to fully pay your tuition costs. 

About the University of Edinburgh Table of Content

Scholarship for Undergraduates: Andrea Levy

Goals and Advantages of the Andrea Levy Scholarship for Undergraduates

Conditions for the Andrea Levy Scholarship for Undergraduates Qualification

Andrea Levy Scholarship Undergraduate Scholarship Application Deadline Interview date, procedure, and location

Application Information University of Edinburgh

With our many centuries as a renowned university, they have plenty to be proud of with their rich history, notable alumni, and brilliant scholars. Since it welcomed its first students in 1583, the University of Edinburgh has produced notable figures such as Nobel laureates, Olympic winners, space explorers, and prime ministers. These are the location of Dolly the sheep, the first animal, and the James Tait Black Awards, Britain's oldest literary honors.

from an adult somatic cell, to be cloned. The University has achieved a great deal thanks to the remarkable accomplishments of its faculty and students. 

The Andrea Levy Award Kind of Undergraduate Scholarship UndergraduateOrganisation College of Edinburgh nation to study British Empire studying at school College of Edinburgh Program of study not defined Country of Origin Males and Females Application Closing Date April 14, 2023 

Purpose and Advantages of the Andrea Levy Scholarship Scholarships for undergrads

What is covered by the scholarship:

Your school costs, and

a £5,000 annual stipend to aid with living expenses

The Scholarship is valid for as long as you are enrolled in your program of study, which is normally four years but may be longer. This grant has no bearing on your candidacy for an Access Edinburgh Scholarship, which can be held concurrently and ranges from £1000 to £5000 annually, depending on your circumstances. During each year of your education, a total of £10,000 is thereby made available for living expenses.

*The scholarship will pay the full amount of your tuition fees, which are typically £9,250 per year for students from the "rest of the UK." When you are residing in Scotland, SAAS will pay your fees. 

Conditions for the Andrea Levy Scholarship for Undergraduates Qualification

In order to be eligible for this award, you must:

possess one of the following racial or ethnic groups: Black, Black African, Black Other, Mixed White/Black Caribbean, Mixed White/Black African, or Black from another mixed background with Caribbean ancestry. Any individual with Caribbean ancestry is especially encouraged to apply.

In the academic year 2023–2024, begin their first undergraduate full-time degree program at the University of Edinburgh.

been evaluated for fees as a "home" student (meaning that you ordinarily live in Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland).

have an annual household income of less than £34,000.

See these examples of scholarship essays to learn how to write one. 

Date, Time, and Location of the Andrea Levy Scholarship Interviews Scholarships for undergrads

In evaluating applications, we will consider the following:

Household income: Applicants with household incomes of $23,999 or less will receive priority. Also eligible to apply are candidates with family incomes of between £24,000 and £33,900.

Your 600–900 word application essay outlining the academic and/or personal accomplishments you are most proud of This could involve overcoming a tough personal situation. There is no right or wrong response, and we would love to hear your experience.

How the scholarship will help you succeed academically and why it would be advantageous to your studies.

How your education will help your neighborhood or society in the long run.

Additional elements 

We may take into account any additional personal or academic factors that might have affected or influenced applicants' education to date.

Those who have been shortlisted will be asked to an interview to go through their goals and ask any questions they may have. There will be more advice and information after that.

Date of Application: April 14, 2023 

How to Apply Are you qualified and interested? To apply, visit University of Edinburgh at

Before submitting an application, kindly confirm your eligibility. Awards may be revoked if it turns out that successful scholars did not meet the requirements or gave incorrect information.

You will be required to confirm the following details as part of the application process:

entire name

If you don't know your UCAS number, use your student number (for example, S1234567).

curriculum of studies

Name of the institution you are currently enrolled in Ethnicity

Inbox address

a statement stating that you have applied for, are expected to receive, and have been approved for the highest level of government assistance through the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS), Student Finance (England, Wales or Northern Ireland) that you have granted permission for the University to share your information with them in connection with loans for tuition fees and upkeep.

that you have never begun a degree program before, and that this is your first undergraduate program

You acknowledge that your application and any supporting paperwork will be examined by external representatives who support this scholarship as part of the selection process.

Acceptance that the selection process would include using your UCAS references (personal and supporting statements). 

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