Scholarships for Enrollment at Canada's Cape Breton University


Scholarships for Enrollment at Canada's Cape Breton University

Scholarships for Admission to Canada's Cape Breton University

June 29, 2022 by devotion Scholarships one (1)

Cape Breton University is currently accepting applications from qualified domestic and international students who wish to enroll in one of the university's undergraduate degree programs. Candidates that enroll may be eligible for Cape Breton University entry scholarships. View more here: Kaist Scholarship for Students 

Undergraduate students may apply for the scholarships, which are awarded to those who have demonstrated academic excellence or who have a pressing financial need.

The scholarship is sponsored by Cape Breton University in Canada.

Scholarship: Partial Assistance

The event will take place at Cape Breton University in Canada.

Amount of Scholarship: $30,000

undergraduate degree level

There were several prizes given out.

as their nationality, international students

Scholarships available for 2021–2022 enrollment at Cape Breton University | Details 

Thanks to the generosity of philanthropists, $2.5 million in scholarships and bursaries are made available to incoming students at CBU each year. According to articulation agreements, entrance scholarships are taken into account for students entering directly from high school or through partners. View more here: Graduate Scholarship at Monash

qualifying criteria

Applicants must meet the criteria mentioned below in order to be eligible for any of the Cape Breton University entrance scholarships.

The status of candidates must be established as either domestic or international.

If you have an articulation agreement and are a student, you must currently be enrolled in your transfer program.

must demonstrate exceptional academic growth and success at the previous study level (s). CBU requires a minimum grade point average of 80% and no failing grades.

The average number of foreign students joining Cape Breton University directly out of high school will be calculated.

ESL conditional offers must be accepted at a CBU English language partner school in order to be honored.

View more here:

London's Queen Mary University

Scholarships/Valuables at the Entry Level

The following awards will only be given out in a small amount.

Name Total Annual Summation

The Chancellor's $30,075,

Deans' $10,000 $2,500 and the President's $20,000 $5,000

Fitzgerald* $20,000. $5.

Schwartz $14,000 $3,500

W.M. Reid paid $2,50, $4, and $11,500.

$10,000 $2,500 Phoebe Thayer-Scott 

Application Processes

How to Apply: Applicants must have been given a conditional offer of admission to the university's degree program in order to be eligible for Cape Breton University Entrance Scholarships in Canada.

All incoming students who wish to be considered for entry scholarships must submit the following paperwork along with their application for admission.

Original transcript

Applicants for bursaries must provide evidence of their financial need.

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Funded in full] International Research at Flinders

Unknown deadline for applications.

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