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Start your undergraduate education at a renowned UK university today. You will be well-prepared to succeed in your chosen degree with our one-year specialized academic preparation program. 

Join us on January 18 for an engaging event where you can learn more about King's life in general, our routes, career options, and how to apply.

Why should I enroll in the King's International Foundation Program?

You have access to all King's resources, including facilities, societies, and assistance, from the moment you enroll.

For every Foundation student who satisfies the progression requirements, a guaranteed conditional offer on a King's undergraduate degree is made.

With guaranteed housing, get ready for undergraduate studies in the heart of London.

Personal assistance with your program and UCAS application throughout. 

All students moving onto an undergraduate degree course at King's are offered a scholarship equivalent to 10% of their first year's tuition fee.

If you have received outstanding grades in secondary school and you:

To apply to a King's undergraduate degree or another UK university, you need to complete an additional year of study.

own a certification that entitles you to apply for an undergraduate degree at King's, but you'd want to take an additional year to prepare academically before beginning.

Please note that you might not be eligible for some pathways and degrees if you have an International Baccalaureate (IB). 

Prepared to apply?

In addition to introducing you to the UK educational system and developing your fundamental subject knowledge and abilities, we offer nine distinct academic tracks. Discover the right path for you, then apply.

Our routes

Chemistry and Biology

leads to degrees in the natural sciences, medicine, and biological sciences.

Management in Business and Social Science

For students interested in business and a wide array of social sciences.

Computing and Mathematics 

Here is where the future of engineering, computers, and technology begins.

Mathematics and Economics

The majority of students pursue degrees in business management, finance, economics, and math.

Mathematics & Engineering

You can earn degrees in engineering, mathematics, and other fields by following this route.

Social science and world politics

Your ticket to degrees in law, international relations, political science, and more.

Humanities and social sciences

leads to degrees in the arts, digital humanities, and creative industries.

Management and Mathematics in Business

degrees at the King's Business School, in math, and elsewhere are made available. 

Physics and mathematics

You might earn degrees in engineering, computer science, or physics through this route.

Dates of entrance for four study options:

International Foundation Programme: beginning in September, study on campus.

As above plus five weeks of online intensive English in August makes up the Extended International Foundation Programme.

Study Term 1 online starting in September with the International Foundation Blended Program before coming to school in January. Additionally, in August, there will be a five-week online intensive English course. Jing, Jing

"In addition to excellent instruction throughout my foundation year, I also received a lot of help from my classmates, personal tutor, and class tutors. I had a wonderful time and adore the environment for studying.

Mathematics & Economics Jing Jing, International Foundation (M&E) Show more 

Students' satisfaction with their program was at 91%.

The King's Foundations' annual survey for 2022

King's International Foundation 2022 has representatives from more than 70 nations.

90% of pupils fulfilled the terms of their King's offers.

International King's Foundation 2020
Program of the King's International Foundation

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