Graduate Research Assistantship in 2022 at a UAE University


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For international students of all countries enrolled or intending to enroll in a graduate research program at the institution, the United Arab Emirates University is happy to provide Graduate Research Assistantship Positions. View more here: Scholarship for REED Innovation 2022 at Royal Holloway University of London

Every month, this graduate research assistantship pays a wage. The sum is decided by the research grant's budget. This could take a master's student up to two years (depending on research grant duration). Studying for a doctorate can take up to four years (depending on research grant duration). 

The UAE's United Arab Emirates University is the sponsor of the scholarship.

A sort of scholarship is a research assistantship.

The host university is United Arab Emirates University in the UAE.

The scholarship's financial worth is a monthly stipend.

There have been numerous awards given out.

candidates for master's or doctorate degrees

Nationality of International Students

Information About Graduate Research Assistantship at UAE University Graduate students are awarded Research Assistantships to work on research projects under the guidance of academic staff. Prior to enrolling in a Master's or Doctoral program at UAEU, a candidate must apply and be accepted. 

taken into account for a research assistantship. For details on admissions, the prerequisites for graduate programs, and how to apply, [click here]. View more here: International Scholarships at Australia's Charles Darwin University

Requirements for Eligibility

For consideration as a candidate for a graduate research assistantship at UAE University, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

Application is necessary for international students.

All applicants must provide an acceptance letter for a place at the university.

Candidates must be ready to begin a full-time program right away.

You must be registered at UAEU as a graduate student. A strong academic record (GPA 3.0/4.0) is necessary.

You don't have any additional financial resources.

Application submission procedures
How to Use: Filling up the "Application
Graduate Research Assistantship in 2022 at a UAE University

Form" and sending it to the principal investigator of the grant of your choosing is how interested candidates for UAE University Graduate Research Assistantships should proceed (i.e. scan and email). View more here: Program for Fully Supported Mandela Rhodes Postgraduate Scholarships for 2022–2023

No application deadline exists.

Visit the official Fu website to find out more.

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