2023–2024 OIST Research Internship in Japan [Fully Funded]

2023–2024 OIST Research Internship in Japan [Fully Funded]


Do you want to intern at OIST Japan in 2023? Is the 2023 OIST Research Internship Japan program over? If so, your quest is over. Applications from competent undergraduates participating in bachelor's or master's programs or recent graduates interested in enrolling in the OIST PhD program are being accepted by the Institute of Science and Technology in Okinawa (OIST).

These students could work as research interns in OIST's educational programs.

Through a research internship, students can gain expertise working in a research environment while being guided by OIST experts. 

Details about the OIST Japan internship

Organization/Company: OIST - Japan

Program location: Japan's OIST

Nationality: Every Nation

6 month program duration

Several slots are open.

Basic credentials: Bachelor's and Master's

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What Students Can Expect from an OIST Research Internship

On a competitive basis, positions for research interns are offered twice a year. The suitability of the desired study, the academic background, the available funds, and the available space are all taken into account during the very competitive selection process. Not all vacant positions will always be filled. 

OIST strives to create and maintain a diverse, inclusive workplace that does not discriminate on the grounds of age, sexual orientation, physical or mental illness, marital status, race, ethnicity, ancestry, culture, national origin, or religion. Applications from women and other underrepresented groups are highly encouraged.

2023 OIST Japan Internship | Qualifications

The following criteria must be met in order to be eligible for the OIST Research Internship for International Students:

Excellent students who have completed undergraduate or graduate programs at universities, colleges, junior colleges, or vocational institutions in Japan or overseas, or who are currently enrolled in such programs.

The home university must grant approval for students who are actively enrolled.

The academic qualifications of the applicants should be appropriate for the OIST host unit(s) they select. 

How to Apply for the OIST Internship Program in Japan for 2023–24

Application Techniques Applications for the OIST Research internship program must follow these steps in order to be taken into consideration:

To apply for the program, utilize the online form.

You cannot submit your application until at least one recommendation letter has been recorded in the application system.

When it is received, your application will automatically let you know. (Please check your settings to make sure you can receive emails from the at oist.jp domain.

After the application period, applications will be examined, and a decision will be made.

The announcement of the results will be made available on your application platform three months after the application deadline. You'll receive notification in the mail. 

when the verdict is published. (On occasion, applicants are unable to get our communications due to their email services' configurations. Please check to see if you can receive emails from the domain at oist.jp.)

Once the internship offers have been confirmed in writing, the necessary arrangements will be handled in collaboration with the interns. Your help is necessary for the timely fulfillment of the internship's logistical requirements, including any potential visa preparations and other crucial Japanese government paperwork.

Deadline for Spring Internship Applications (April 1st 2023- September 30th 2023)

Seasonal Internship (October 1st 2023 – March 31st 2024) 

Visit the official website for further details.

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