2022 University of Oklahoma Award from the Academic Scholars Program of Oklahoma State

The Oklahoma Legislature established and funds the Oklahoma State Regents' Academic Scholars Program as a means of encouraging students with strong academic aptitude to enroll in both public and private higher education institutions in Oklahoma. The program aims to improve the educational setting and keep intellectually gifted adolescents in Oklahoma

2022 University of Oklahoma Award from the Academic Scholars Program of Oklahoma State

University of Oklahoma information 

The University of Oklahoma, a public research university founded in 1890, is situated in Norman, Oklahoma, 20 minutes south of Oklahoma City. With little more than 20,000 undergraduates, OU's Norman campus offers students a significant university experience in a private college setting. OU, which has three campuses in Oklahoma, also has OU campuses worldwide and a number of destinations where students can study. 

Goals and Advantages of the Academic Scholars Award from Oklahoma State University 

For up to eight semesters, Academic Scholars will be given a stipend to aid with the cost of accommodation, board, tuition, books, and other other expenses. 

The award's value varies depending on the kind of school the student attends and their eligibility. The University of Oklahoma offers a $5,500 annual scholarship to students who meet the requirements. 

For University of Oklahoma students, the institutional nominee scholarship is worth $3,200 per year. 

Qualification Standards for the Oklahoma State Regents' Academic Scholars Program Award 

Prior to enrolling in college, the candidate must fulfill the requirements listed below in order to be eligible for the Academic Scholars Program. 

Oklahoma students who are designated as National Merit Scholars, National Merit Finalists, or United States Presidential Scholars or who score at or above the 99.5 percentile on the ACT or SAT are immediately eligible for the program. 

The minimum ACT score needed for the autumn of 2022 is 138 on the combined ACT skill areas score. Also read more scholarship in USA

The needed SAT score for autumn 2022 is a combined total of 1550 in the critical reading and math skill categories. 

Depending on the requirements set forth by each institution, public colleges and universities may also submit nominations for the program from students enrolled at their respective institutions. 

In order to keep receiving a scholarship each year, scholars must: 

Maintain a full-time enrollment each semester, which consists of 12 hours in the autumn and spring and 6 hours in the optional summer or January term. 

Every year, you must finish at least 24 semester credits, or 30 semester credits if you choose the summer funding option. 

maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 per year. 

How to Use 

Oklahomans who automatically qualify for the program by attaining an ACT or SAT score at or above the 99.5th percentile should pick up an application from their high school counselor or click the link below to download one. Call the State Regents student information hotline at (800) 858-1840 or 225-9239 in Oklahoma City to request an application. 

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