Scholarships National ROTC Scholarships for the Air Force


National ROTC Scholarships for the Air Force

Scholarships from the Air Force ROTC are available in a range of terms and amounts, covering all or a portion of tuition and fees. These grants aid in lowering some of the obstacles to higher education and a career in service. 

Scholarships  National ROTC Scholarships for the Air Force

When they are rising high school seniors, Air Force cadets have their first chance to get a scholarship.The 2023-2024 High School Scholarship Program's application period runs from 1 July to 11 January. To apply or for additional information, click the link below!

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When a cadet (1) satisfies the necessary academic and physical fitness requirements, (2) is medically fit, and (3) exhibits military excellence by using the knowledge, skills, and traits taught in our seminars, there are further options to win an Air Force ROTC scholarship in college. The In-College Scholarship Programme does not have a formal application process. 

Depending on how well they perform in our classes, we will recommend cadets for scholarships.


Awarded for leadership is Charles McGhee

The Charles McGhee Leadership Award (CMLA) is given to all cadets in their junior year who have finished Field Training and satisfy the minimal AFROTC scholarship requirements. For a cadet's junior and senior years, this Award can pay up to $18,000 in tuition and fees annually. For some degree programmes, it might pay for a fifth year as well (please speak with your AFROTC Advisor for further details on your eligibility).
 In addition, the CMLA offers cadets a monthly stipend and a $900 annual book allowance to assist with the expense of college textbooks. 
To help cover the cost of living on campus at Baylor, Cadets can convert their CMLA into a $10K housing allowance if they already have a way to pay for college tuition (such as the G.I. Bill, Title 35, etc.). Cadets must accept the CMLA before December 31 of their junior year.

The Friends of Detachment 810 and Baylor University Housing Incentive Scholarship
Up to ten Air and Space Force ROTC High School Scholarship Programme (HSSP) Type 1 winners are given freshmen year incentive housing scholarships from Baylor University worth $10,000. Students with the greatest financial need will be given preference if Baylor accepts more than ten HSSP Type 1 scholarship candidates. Additionally, recipients of the Charles McGhee Leadership Award (CMLA) and In-College Scholarship (ICSP) Type II may receive up to twenty $5,000–7,500 incentive tuition scholarships from Baylor University over a period of one year.

Between a student's sophomore and senior year, ICSP and CMLA assistance scholarships are given out depending on financial need and funding availability. A 3.0 overall GPA, Baylor full-time enrolment, and the continuation of the Air Force scholarship are requirements for both awards.

Support for Baylor Scholarship

For each of the three endowed scholarships listed below, Baylor ensures that at least one recipient will receive a $5,000 scholarship grant.  Depending on endowment performance and endowment committee decision, further scholarships might be given.

Major General Gerald Marsh Endowed Scholarship for Chaplains

To establish a scholarship for Baylor AFROTC cadets, the Chaplain (Major General) Gerald Marsh Endowed Scholarship was established in August 1993
The Baylor AFROTC Alumni Advisory Committee gives scholarships to cadets who are enrolled in AFROTC each year during Homecoming. 
The Baylor AFROTC Alumni Association uses this yearly event as an occasion to acknowledge excellent cadet achievement and lower the escalating expense of higher education.

The Raynor L. Hebert Memorial Award

This scholarship was established by the James Connally Angel Flight in 1966 and is awarded based on leadership, talent, character, and need.
 It is presented in honour of Raynor Hebert, who sacrificed his life to save others around him. Lt. Hebert's jet crashed in a neighbourhood in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 13, 1964
Hebert decided to stay in the aircraft due to mechanical issues so that it could land away from an elementary school that was home to 800 children. Lt.
 Hebert sacrificed his life in order to do this brave deed. Additionally, a mother, her child, and two additional young children's lives were lost.

Lt Hebert received his Baylor diploma on May 27, 1960. In 1959, he was a squadron commander and an AFROTC cadet. In addition, he belonged to Circle K and the Arnold Air Society. 
At the time of his passing, he was 26.

Scholarship established in memory of Captain Larry Glenn Pitts

The memories of Captain Larry G. Pitts's loved ones, close friends, and students endure. He had an impact on everyone he knew, and even in death, his memorial scholarship continues to further the lofty principles and dedication to service he held dear.  "Larry believed in doing worthwhile things," his final pastor wrote in a tribute to him. 
He thought that one's abilities and efforts need to assist his community. He was devoted to his God, his nation, and the neighbourhood he had just moved into.  We appreciate the chance we had to get to know Larry. Because Larry G.
 Pitts passed us, our lives are fuller and more robust, and the Stars and Stripes wave more proudly.

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