How can I acquire a scholarship in 2023–2024 in Turkey?

How can I acquire a scholarship in 2023–2024 in Turkey? Wow that is the best scholarship in Turkey.

Every year, the Turkish government offers scholarships to foreign students studying in Turkey.

How can I acquire a scholarship in 2023–2024 in Turkey?

The scholarships can be used for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, and they are intended to encourage students to study in Turkey.
 Turkish subjects may be taught in English or in Turkish.

Not to mention, as a student, you have the power to decide.

We recently discussed working in Turkey near prestigious institutions on one of our covers. Also read more scholarship:How can I acquire a scholarship in 2023–2024 in Turkey? But now, our attention would be on national attempts to promote tourism, particularly to overseas students.

Scholarships available in Turkey

In Turkey, academic disciplines are typically separated as follows. Here is a list of undergraduate scholarship programs:

  • Scholarship scheme for nations speaking Turkish
  • Program for Balkan Scholarships
  • Program for Black Sea Scholarships
  • Scholarship Program for Harran
  • Scholarship Program for Africans from Turkey
  • Program for Bosphorus Scholarships
  • programs for graduate scholarships

Not to mention the Ibn Khaldun Social Science Scholarship Program and the Ali Cosco Science and Technology Scholarships.

Programs for Short-Term Grants
Turkish language instruction for academics and government officials

  • Scholarships for study
  • Successful scholarship program
  • allocations for scholarships

Payment each month

For undergraduate students, the monthly grant is approximately 600 TL (Turkish Lira). The cost for a master's degree is 850 Turkish Lira, while a PhD is 1200.

Not to mention complete tuition costs and a 12-month Turkish language program.

Additionally, free lodging and air travel to and from Turkey. You might be requested to provide proof of your health insurance.

Finally, receiving a scholarship in Turkey means you are about to go on an adventure!

How am I supposed to acquire a scholarship for Turkey?

Any application that is submitted by someone who currently holds or previously possessed.Click here for more inform. Turkish nationality will be denied for the Bachelor's degree; 90% on average in the medical sciences, or 70% in undergraduate programs like high school or a diploma;

  • not enrolled at a university in Turkey;
  • has completed high school;
  • under 21 years old;
  • health must be a priority.

applications for graduate programs

You must be a citizen of a country other than Turkey in order to apply, and anyone who currently holds or formerly held Turkish nationality will have their application denied;

not enrolled at a university in Turkey;

has a bachelor's or master's degree and obtained it at least six months before to applying;

Applicants for Master's programs and PhD programs must be 30 or younger in age;

Your prior certificate shows a 75% GPA;

health must be a priority.

Turkey's system for applying for scholarships

for baccalaureate degrees Undergraduate applicants typically need to do the following when applying for a scholarship:

Register for a government-funded scholarship program for higher education.

list of high school diploma copies; high school diploma signs

  1. a copy of an official ID, such as a passport or birth certificate
  2. a passport photo
  3. to pursue a graduate degree

In general, candidates with postgraduate degrees must complete the following steps...

Register for a government-funded scholarship program for higher education.

Copy of the undergraduate or graduate degree

Copy of a valid ID, such as a passport or birth certificate, list of high school diplomas

a passport photo

Additionally, you should print a copy of your scholarship application just in case. Don't forget to contact your university before the semester begins as well!

Scholarship program for Turkiye Burslari

The Türkiye Scholarships must be mentioned while discussing international student scholarships in Turkey. This scholarship program, which is offered by the Turkish government, is unique among all other scholarship programs because of certain aspects.

beginning with the students' choice of any other university to which they will submit an application. 

Additionally, only non-Turkish students are eligible for this program, allowing the international students to take part in social and cultural events while studying in Turkey.

As a result, the scholarship program not only pays the students' tuition costs but also takes care of their other necessities, such as housing and health insurance during their academic career. To the cultural In part, the scholarship enables students to take a one-year course to study Turkish.

Students also receive a monthly stipend to help with their everyday expenditures.Also read more scholarship This stipend is worth 1,000 TL for undergrads, 1,400 TL for master's degree holders, and 1,800 TL for PhD candidates. Students must show evidence of their academic excellence in order to apply. 

70% for a bachelor's degree, 75% for a master's and PhD, and 90% for studies in medical, dentistry, and pharmacy are the minimum standards for academic performance.

The Türkiye Burslari also provides students with complete support on their travels to Turkey. At the conclusion of their education, it pays for their return flight to their home country.

Visit the Türkiye Buslari Scholarship Program website to learn more about the requirements and procedure for applications as well as other crucial information.

Last but not least, be sure to look into how to locate a hostel or other lodging in Turkey. How to apply to Turkish universities is another topic.

The best scholarship in Turkey you can apply it's now.

The best university students and post-graduate researchers are covered by the government-funded program provided by the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB).

 It provides applicants with research opportunities in addition to financial aid for students.

Turkey offers full support for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and research degrees at all Turkish universities. In addition to providing funds to chosen students, the program also takes care of the recruitment and university placement procedures.

There are 150,000 applications submitted annually from various nations.

  1. TÜRKIYE CONTEXT The deadline for scholarships is between January 10 and February 20, 2023.
  2. LEVEL: Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral, and Research
  3. FINANCING: Fully financed.
  4. NUMBER: 5,000 awards.
  6. FIELDS: Turkish universities provide all fields.

Turkish Republic.


The scholarships offered by Türkiye are completely sponsored, thus those who are chosen will receive:

placement at a chosen university.

License: 1000 TL, master: 1400 TL, doctorate: 1800 TL in terms of monthly stipend.


  1. waiver of university tuition fees.
  2. (One year) courses in Turkish.
  3. Insurance for health.
  4. Travel tickets from the home country to Turkey.
  5. cultural pursuits.
  6. opportunities for internships.
  7. Seminars.


The Turkish government encourages students from various nations to apply for their scholarships. However, they must adhere to the subsequent standards:

Under 21 years old for applicants to bachelor's programs, 30 years old for applications to master's programs, 35 years old for candidates to doctoral programs, and 45 years old for applicants to research programs.

before August 2023, has graduated or will graduate.

preferably has fundamental Turkish language skills. This is neither a disqualifier nor a favourable circumstance. 

Minimum return requirements for candidates for bachelor's degrees are 70% and 75%, respectively. 90% is necessary for candidates for health sciences degrees (medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy).


Scholarship applications for Türkiye can be submitted for free online. For admission to a Turkish university, no additional application is required.

Turkish, French, Arabic, English, Farsi, Russian, Bosnian, and Spanish are the eight languages in which applications may be submitted.


You will be required to submit the following paperwork while applying online:

  1. a valid form of identification.
  2. an active passport.
  3. a current photo ID.
  4. the national exam's outcome, if appropriate.
  5. the diploma or the diploma's temporary certificate.
  6. academic records.

the outcomes of any foreign exams, including the GRE, GMAT, and others that the chosen program may demand.

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  1. 10.01.2023 is the application deadline.
  2. The deadline for applications is February 20, 2023.
  3. Feb. 2023 will mark the start of the evaluation procedure.
  4. March 2023 marks the start of the hiring period.
  5. Assessment procedure completion: May 2023.
  6. June 2023 is when the hiring period will end.
  7. July 2023 will mark the results' announcement.
  8. Beginning in July 2023, stock exchange contracts can be signed.
  9. August 2023 marks the completion of the scholarship contract and visa requirements.
  10. September 2023 will see a new student visit Turkey.

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