Top 10 Reputable Scholarships for Outstanding International Students


If you are a clever, talented, or dedicated international student, you can apply for the best scholarships.

Top 10 Reputable Scholarships for Outstanding International Students

Top 10 Reputable Scholarships for Outstanding International Students

 For the most gifted international students from all around the world, highlights the top ten prominent international scholarship programs available. Also read more to apply the scholarship

 Check out the top 15 scholarships for students from developing nations if you are from one of them.

Government-sponsored International Scholarships

United States Fulbright Scholarships

The U.S. government and 155 nations collaborate on the Fulbright Scholarship Program, which is their leading international exchange scholarship initiative. Every year, over 1,800 Fulbright scholarships are given to deserving international students who want to study for a master's or doctoral degree in the US.  The Fulbright Scholarship Program covers all costs associated with the study, including tuition, books, travel, a living stipend, and health insurance.

Additionally, take a look at the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, which offers seasoned professionals from specific nations around the world a year of professional enrichment in the United States.

UK-based Chevening Scholarships

The British government's most prominent international scholarship program is the Chevening Scholarships. It awards about a thousand deserving students scholarships each year.

Applicants for postgraduate studies in the UK are expected from more than 130 different nations.  Chevening Scholarships are full scholarships that pay all living expenses, including international travel to and from the UK, as well as tuition fees, a monthly stipend, and several one-time allowances.

Click out the Global Wales Postgraduate Scholarships and Scotland's Saltire Scholarships as well.

Australia Provides Awards for Scholarships

People from developing nations, especially those in the Indo-Pacific region, can apply for full-time undergraduate or graduate study at participating Australian universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions through the Australia Awards Scholarships program, formerly known as the Australian Development Scholarships (ADS).

French scholarship program for excellence named after Eiffel

For master's and PhD degree programs at participating French Universities, the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program strives to draw the top international students.  Holders of the Eiffel scholarship are given a monthly stipend; tuition costs are not covered. Various other costs, such as a return trip, health insurance, and cultural activities are also covered by the scholarship.


Look at the Foreign Government Scholarships for International Students list. 


international fellowships provided by universities

University of Cambridge Gates Scholarships

One of the most esteemed international scholarships available to students from all around the world is the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.  These are fully funded fellowships for graduate study and research in any field offered at the University of Cambridge.  The scholarship pays for all expenses, including tuition, housing, transportation, and other expenses. The Gates Foundation awards about 100 new scholars each year.

Oxford University (UK) offers Clarendon Scholarships.

Around 140 brand-new graduate scholarships are awarded each year by the prestigious Clarendon Scholarship Fund to qualified applicants at the University of Oxford, including those who are international students. In all degree-granting graduate subjects at the University of Oxford, Clarendon Scholarships are given out based on academic excellence and promise.

The grants include a sizeable stipend for living expenses in addition to complete coverage of tuition and college fees.

See also the Rhodes Scholarships and Rhodes Global Scholarships, postgraduate scholarships that support outstanding international students from particular nations at the University of Oxford.

United States' Stanford University's Knight-Hennesy Scholars Program

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program at Stanford University fosters a diverse, interdisciplinary community of up-and-coming leaders from all over the world and instructs them on how to cooperate, innovate, and communicate as they become ready to tackle the complex issues facing society.  

The fellowships can be used to pursue full-time master's and doctoral degrees in any Stanford-offered field. Knight-Hennessy Scholars receive a fellowship that is directly applied to tuition and related costs, as well as a stipend for living and educational costs and a travel award.

At Tsinghua University (China), the Schwarzman Scholars Program

Schwarzman Scholars is the first scholarship made in response to the geopolitical environment of the twenty-first century, and it is intended to prepare the next generation of world leaders. 

 The program will offer Tsinghua University's one-year Master's degree to the best and brightest students in the globe, giving them the chance to expand their leadership capabilities and professional networks.  

The scholarship pays for tuition, fees, housing and board, transportation to and from Beijing at the start and conclusion of the academic year, an in-country study tour, the cost of required course materials, a Lenovo laptop and smartphone, health insurance, and a small personal stipend. It also includes coverage for required course books and supplies.

Examine the list of international university scholarships provided by top universities.

International Scholarships supported by Institutes

Study Abroad Scholarships from the Rotary Foundation (Various Countries)

By way of the Rotary Foundation Global Grants, the Rotary Foundation provides funds for scholarships. 

For a period of one to four academic years, the scholarship will cover the cost of graduate-level coursework or research. A global grant scholarship must have at least $30,000 in funding.

Scholarships offered jointly by Japan and the World Bank (Various Nations)

Students from developing nations are given financial support through the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP) to enroll in master's-level graduate programs at their choice of prestigious universities around the globe.also read more information

Top 10 Reputable Scholarships for Outstanding International Students It is expected that scholars will work to advance their native nations after they return. Tuition, travel expenses, and a monthly stipend are all covered by the scholarship.

Check out the list of Scholarships supported by the Institution.

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