How to Apply for the Reliance Foundation Scholarship Program for 2023–24

How to Apply for the Reliance Foundation Scholarship Program for 2023–24


Are you searching for Reliance Foundation Scholarships? We'll go into great detail about the Indian students' 2023–2024 Reliance Foundation Scholarship in this piece. We will go over all you need to know to apply for this scholarship, including the eligibility requirements, application procedure, selection process, benefits, and key dates.

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Overview of Reliance Foundation Scholarships

Criteria for Eligibility Application Procedure Selection Procedure Benefits provided covered study fields

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Overview of Reliance Foundation Scholarships

The Reliance Foundation, the charitable arm of Reliance Industries Limited, offers the merit-based Reliance Foundation Scholarship. Academically talented students who experience financial obstacles to pursue higher education in India are the target audience of the scholarship program, which attempts to offer financial aid.

The Reliance Foundation Scholarship is extremely competitive and offers chosen students financial aid to pay all or a portion of the cost of tuition, housing, and other associated costs. The scholarship also offers a monthly stipend to help with additional costs like books, stationery, and travel.

Numerous academic fields are covered by the scholarship program, including engineering, medicine, law, and humanities. Students who have completed their Class 12th or an equivalent exam and intend to enroll in undergraduate programs in India are eligible to apply.

The main goal of the scholarship program is to support students in achieving their academic and professional goals regardless of their financial situation and to generate a pool of highly qualified professionals who can contribute to India's progress.

Eligibility: Criteria Description

Academic standardsCandidates must have received at least 80% on their Class 12th or equivalent test from an Indian board of recognized education in order to be eligible for the scholarship.

Income Requirements Applicants must come from a family earning no more than INR 4,50,000 in gross annual income. This includes the applicant's income as well as the income of their parents and siblings.

Nationality StandardsThe scholarship is only available to citizens of India.

Age requirementsThe fellowship does not have a set age requirement, however applicants must be Indian undergraduate students.

Course of Study RequirementsThe research includes a range of academic specialties, including engineering, medicine, law, and humanities. Candidates must, however, have obtained admission to the selected course of study at a recognized Indian university.

Renewal StandardsThe scholarship is renewable as long as the candidate maintains a minimum of 75% attendance and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher a minimum semester CGPA of 6.5 out of 10 is required.

Application Method

1. Go to the Reliance Foundation Scholarship program's official website.

2. Read the qualifying conditions and make sure you satisfy them all.

3. Register on the website using a working phone number and email address.

4. Fill out the application by providing your name, address, educational background, and facts about your family's income.

5. If necessary, provide scanned copies of your admission letter, class 12 grade report, and any supporting papers.

6. Check your application before submitting it by the due date.

7. Candidates who have been shortlisted will be contacted to schedule an interview.

8. Selected applicants will get a letter of offer and more information on how to apply for the award.

Note: Depending on the year and other variables, the application process may change. The most recent information may be found on the official website, which is where interested candidates should go.

Choice Process

1. Verifying eligibility: The eligibility check—the first stage of the selection procedure—involves screening the applications for conformity with the eligibility requirements.

2. Shortlisting: The qualified candidates are then narrowed down based on their academic standing, household income, and other important considerations. Usually, the shortlisted candidates are contacted via phone or email.

3. Interview: Those who have been shortlisted are invited to the selection committee's meeting for an interview. Depending on the situation, the interview may be conducted in person or by video conference.

4. Final Selection: The scholarship applicants are chosen by the selection committee based on their performance in the interview and other considerations.

5. Offer Letter: The Reliance Foundation Scholarship program sends the chosen applicants an offer letter, which also contains additional details on how to apply for the scholarship.

 Remark: Depending on the year and other variables, the selection procedure may change. Those that are interested should For the latest recent information, visit the official website.

The Scholarship's advantages

Benefits Description

Financial SupportThe scholarship offers financial support to pay for up to five years of undergraduate study in India, including tuition, hostel fees, and other educational costs.

Living stipendA living allowance of INR 24,000 is also included in the scholarship to help students with the cost of books, stationery, and other living expenses.

Internship PossibilityThe scholarship gives the chosen applicants the chance to complete a summer internship at Reliance Industries Limited or one of its affiliates, giving them the chance to obtain real-world experience and exposure to business.

Mentorship AssistanceThe scholarship program offers the chosen applicants mentorship support, which includes direction and counsel from seasoned experts in their field of study.

Potential Networking ContactsThe scholarship program offers networking opportunities to the chosen candidates, which can aid in the development of their professional networks and their ability to make connections with people who share their interests.

Support for Career DevelopmentThe scholarship program offers training and workshops on soft skills, interview techniques, resume writing, and other topics to the chosen individuals in order to promote their career development.

Note: Depending on the year and other variables, these benefits may change. The most recent information may be found on the official website, which is where interested candidates should go.

Subjects that qualify for the Reliance Foundation Scholarship.

Study Area and Level of Study

Engineering Medical Sciences Undergraduate SciencesUndergraduate Business Undergraduate Law Undergraduate Science Undergraduate Humanities and Social Sciences Undergraduate Information TechnologyUndergraduate

Note: Depending on the year and other variables, these study areas may change. The most recent information may be found on the official website, which is where interested candidates should go.

Important Times & Dates

Application Start Date Activity DateDeadline for applications: first week of MayFinal week of May Candidate ShortlistingInterviews with Shortlisted Candidates in JuneJuly-August

Final Candidate SelectionOffer Letter to Selected Candidates for SeptemberOctober-November

Note: Depending on the year and other circumstances, certain important dates and deadlines might change. The most recent information is available on the official website, which interested candidates should visit.


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What is the Reliance Foundation Scholarship application procedure?

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What advantages does the Reliance Foundation Scholarship offer?

What academic disciplines are eligible for the Reliance Foundation Scholarship?

When does the Reliance Foundation Scholarship application process begin?

What time does the Reliance Foundation Scholarship application deadline fall under?

How long does the Reliance Foundation Scholarship last?

The Reliance Foundation Scholarship is open to students from all Indian states.

How many scholarships are given out annually?

What grade point average must you have in Class 12 to qualify for the scholarship?

Is there a bond or other commitment associated with the scholarship?

Can students who are enrolled in a certificate or diploma program apply for the scholarship?

What paperwork is necessary for the application process?

Can distant learning students submit an application for the scholarship?

What does the scholarship's monthly stipend consist of?

Can undergraduate students who have already begun their studies apply for the scholarship?

The Reliance Foundation Scholarship isn't open to anyone else; it's only offered to applicants who are beginning their undergraduate studies that year.

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These are a few of the typical queries regarding the Reliance Foundation Scholarship. The official website should be consulted by potential applicants for the most recent information and specifics surrounding the scholarship.

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