Complete Guide to Eligibility, Application, and FAQs for AIU Online Scholarships for 2023–2024

Complete Guide to Eligibility, Application, and FAQs for AIU Online Scholarships for 2023–2024


Are you searching for AIU Online Scholarships? In this thorough guide, learn about the requirements, the application procedure, the awards, and the frequently asked questions.

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Criteria for Eligibility and Application Process

Different Scholarships

Prize Amounts

FAQs about Renewing and Maintaining

Overview of AIU Online Scholarships.

AIU Online, commonly referred to as American InterContinental University Online, is a for-profit, private institution that provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The institution offers a number of scholarship options since it is aware of the financial difficulties that many students have while pursuing higher education. These scholarships are intended to give qualifying students financial support so they can fulfill their academic objectives. We will go over the many kinds of scholarships that AIU Online offers, along with the requirements and application procedures for each.

Different Forms of AIU Online Scholarships

. AIU Online provides a number of scholarships for qualified pupils. The many kinds of scholarships that are offered are as follows:

. The AIU Online President's Scholarship is given to students who have excelled in their academics and shown leadership potential and civic engagement.

. AIU Online Achiever's Scholarship: Students who have shown both academic excellence and financial need are eligible for this scholarship.

. AIU Online Transfer prize: Students who have transferred from a regionally approved university and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 are eligible for this prize.

. AIU Online Military grant: Those who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree while serving in the armed forces, as well as veterans and their families, are eligible for this grant.

. AIU Online Alumni Scholarship: Graduates of AIU Online who are pursuing a higher degree at the institution are eligible for this scholarship.

The AIU Online Continuing Education Scholarship is given to existing AIU Online students who wish to continue their education by taking extra classes or earning certificates.

Each scholarship has a different set of requirements and an application procedure. Before applying, it is advised that students carefully review each scholarship's prerequisites.

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eligibility requirements

President's Scholarship at AIU Online

Minimum 3.75 out of 4.0 on the scale

Active participation in leadership and volunteer work

using the AIU Online Achiever's Scholarship while enrolled in a degree program

minimum 3.0 GPA out of a possible 4.0

evidence of a financial need

AIU Online student enrolled in a degree program

Online Transfer Scholarship from AIU

a cumulative GPA of no less than 2.5 from a university with regional accreditation

AIU Online student enrolled in a degree program

Military Scholarship through AIU

members of the armed forces now serving, veterans, or their families

enrolled at AIU Online in a graduate or undergraduate program

Online Alumni Scholarships at AIU

obtained a degree from AIU Online.

enrolling at AIU Online in a higher education program

Scholarship for Continuing Online Education at AIU

presently enrolled at AIU Online in a degree program

taking further AIU Online classes or being certified.

Application Method

How to Use

Follow these steps to apply for an AIU Online scholarship:

1. access the AIU Online website.

2. Select the tab labeled "Financial Aid"

From the drop-down option, select "Scholarships".

3. Examine the available scholarships and choose the one(s) for which you are qualified. 4. Fill out the scholarship application form and submit all necessary paperwork choice process.

4. Depending on the award kind, the selection procedure for AIU Online scholarships differs. However, these factors are typically taken into account while making a decision:

Academic excellence

Financial need that has been established

Leadership qualities

Community participation

additional elements unique to each scholarship

The scholarship committee will choose the recipients based on the criteria after reviewing the scholarship applications, and they will be informed of the award. To pay for tuition, the scholarship funds are directly deposited into the student's account.

fees and other permissible costs.

Prize Money

Depending on the scholarship kind and available finances, each scholarship has a different reward value. The scholarship award amounts for AIU Online are broken down as follows:

Scholarship Category Award Sum

President's Scholarship at AIU OnlineUp to $20,000

Scholarship for Online Achiever at AIUAIU Online Transfer Scholarship of up to $15,000Up to $10,000

Military Scholarship through AIU15% maximum tuition discount

Online Alumni Scholarships at AIUUp to 20% off on tuition

Scholarship for Continuing Online Education at AIUUp to $2,000

Please take note that the award amounts are based on the availability of funds and are subject to change. Additionally, the scholarships could not cover the entire cost of the student's tuition and fees, thus it is advised that they look into other financial aid possibilities.

any additional expenses.

Renewing and Maintaining Scholarships

Depending on the scholarship type and available funding, the AIU Online scholarships are typically given for a single academic year and may be renewed for up to four consecutive years. The student must continue to make excellent academic progress and satisfy the requirements for each scholarship in order for the scholarship to be renewed. Additionally, each year, students must reapply to be considered for the scholarship.


Students who wish to keep their scholarship must:

keep up with the standards of academic development set forth by AIU Online

meet the requirements for each scholarship's eligibility each of the awards

Every year, if necessary, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Inform the scholarship committee of any changes to their financial position that might affect their eligibility.

A student may lose the scholarship and may be compelled to reimburse any scholarship money previously received if they don't comply with any of the aforementioned restrictions.


AIU Online provides a selection of scholarships to support students in pursuing their academic and professional ambitions. Academic excellence, financial necessity, leadership qualities, community involvement, and other characteristics particular to each scholarship are taken into consideration while awarding the scholarships. Scholarships may be renewed for up to four consecutive years, with grant amounts varying according to the type of scholarship and the amount of money that is available. Students who want to keep their scholarship must maintain acceptable academic progress, satisfy the prerequisites, and disclose any changes in their financial circumstances that might have an impact on their eligibility.

Review the requirements and application process for each scholarship type if you're thinking about applying for an AIU Online scholarship. To assist fund any remaining tuition and fees, you can also look into other financial aid alternatives like government grants, loans, and work-study programs.


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