Canada's 2023–2024 Jason Lang Scholarship Program | How to Apply


Are you interested in learning more about the Jason Lang Scholarship 2023–2024? Below are the eligibility conditions, application instructions, and deadline for the 2023–2024 Jason Lang Scholarship in Canada.

With regards to the Jason Lang Scholarship 

The Jason Lang Scholarship is a program created to honor and reward post-secondary students in the Canadian province of Alberta who demonstrate academic distinction. It bears the name of Jason Lang, a teenager who died in a 1999 school shooting.

A student must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree at an Alberta post-secondary school, and have attained a high academic standing to qualify for the award. Academic excellence, commitment in the community, and potential for leadership are taken into consideration while awarding the scholarship.

The student must maintain a 3.0 GPA and be enrolled full-time to be eligible for the $1,000 scholarship, which is renewable for up to three years. The grant is for The Alberta Scholarship Program, which is sponsored by the Alberta government, is in charge of administration.

Each year, the deadline for applications for the Jason Lang Scholarship is in the spring, and the recipients are announced in the following fall. For additional information about the scholarship and how to apply, students can get in touch with the financial aid office at their post-secondary institution.

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Jason Lang Scholarship Eligibility

For students in the Canadian province of Alberta, there is the Jason Lang Scholarship program. Following are the requirements for this program's eligibility:

The candidate must be a protected person, a permanent resident, or a citizen of Canada.

The candidate must be an Albertan who has lived there for at least one year 12 continuous months must have passed before they began their post-secondary courses.

The candidate must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree at a post-secondary institution in Alberta that is qualified.

The candidate must have completed their most recent post-secondary course with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or better.

The applicant must show evidence of financial need as established by the financial aid administration at their university.

The applicant cannot be in arrears on any student loans and cannot be required to make repayments to any Canadian student loan program.

The candidate must not be in arrears on any obligations to the government or have any unpaid fines or penalties.

Please be aware that fulfilling the eligibility requirements does not ensure that an applicant will be scholarship. Each year, only a certain number of scholarships are given out, and those recipients are chosen through a rigorous application process.

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Application Procedure for the Jason Lang Scholarship:

The Government of Alberta has a scholarship program called the Jason Lang Scholarship to help students who have excelled academically and shown leadership in the community. The steps to apply for the scholarship are as follows:

1. Go to the "Apply Now" option on the Alberta Student Aid website at

2. If you haven't already, log in to your account or make one from scratch.

3. You will see a list of available scholarships and awards once you log in. Click here the "Jason Lang Scholarship" to see the prerequisites and guidelines for applying.

4. Make sure you meet all the eligibility conditions by carefully reading them.

5. Complete the online application form with all the necessary details and supporting paperwork. This could contain letters of recommendation, your academic credentials, and a personal statement.

6. Send in your application prior to the cutoff time. The Jason Lang Scholarship application deadline is typically in the spring of each year.

7. A selection committee will examine your application after you submit it. You will be notified via email or letter if you are chosen to receive the scholarship.

The webpage address for the Jason Lang Scholarship page at Alberta Student Aid is as follows:

I The internet address for the Jason Lang Scholarship can be found at

I hope this is useful. Success with your application, please.

FAQs regarding the Jason Lang Scholarship

A distinguished grant, the Jason Lang grant is given each year to high school and post-secondary students in Alberta who have excelled academically and shown leadership in their communities. The following are some typical inquiries about the scholarship:

The Jason Lang Scholarship entails what?

The W.R. Myers High School shooting in Taber, Alberta, in 1999 sadly claimed the life of student Jason Lang. In his honor, the Jason Lang Scholarship was established. Students in Alberta's high schools and post-secondary institutions who have excelled academically and shown leadership in the community are given the grant each year.

Who can apply for the scholarship?

You must live in Alberta and be a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident in order to be eligible for the award. Additionally, you must be enrolled in an Alberta post-secondary institution or have recently graduated from high school there.

What is the value of the scholarship?

The award comes with a

Canada's 2023–2024 Jason Lang Scholarship Program | How to Apply

$1,000 value.

How many scholarships are given out annually?

Depending on the number of qualified candidates and the available cash, a different number of scholarships are given out each year.

How can I submit a scholarship application?

You must submit an online application form for the scholarship, which is available on the Alberta Student Aid website. You'll have to include details about your extracurricular activities, community service, and academic accomplishments involvement.

When is the deadline for applications?

Each year, the scholarship's application date is normally in late May or early June.

How are those who receive scholarships chosen?

Scholarship awardees are chosen based on their academic success, leadership in the community, and personal qualities like integrity, tenacity, and resolve.

When will scholarship winners be informed?

Late August or early September is the normal time that scholarship winners get their mail notifications.

What will I do with the scholarship money?

The scholarship money can be used to cover educational costs like tuition, books, and other living costs.

Can I submit several applications for the scholarship?

No, the scholarship can only be awarded to you once.

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