Application for the Full-Ride Coolidge Scholarship for 2023–24: Submit Now

Application for the Full-Ride Coolidge Scholarship for 2023–24: Submit Now


For high school juniors who exhibit academic brilliance, strong leadership qualities, and a keen interest in public policy and history, the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation offers a full-ride Coolidge Scholarship. a request is open, Listed below are the prerequisites and application instructions.

About the Coolidge Scholarship Table of Contents.

Application process for the Coolidge Scholarship Program eligibility requirements:

How to Submit an Application for a Coolidge Scholarship 

What the Coolidge Exam Is and How to Prepare for It

Suggestions for a Powerful Coolidge Scholarship Application.

Questions and Answers The Coolidge Scholarship FAQs.

With regards to the Coolidge Scholarship.

The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation launched the extremely selective Coolidge award Program, a full-ride award for undergraduate studies, in 2014. The scholarship has the name of Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States and a man renowned for his public service commitment and leadership.

High school seniors who exhibit great academic achievement, an interest in public policy and leadership, as well as a strong work ethic, are eligible for the Coolidge Scholarship Program. The scholarship pays students tuition, lodging & board, books, and any other costs associated with four years of undergraduate education. Additionally, Coolidge Scholars take part in a demanding program of chances for networking, mentoring, and leadership development.

Only about 3% of applications for the Coolidge Scholarship Program are chosen as finalists, making it a very exclusive program. Finalists are selected based on their academic success, aptitude for leadership, and dedication to public service. The scholarship program intends to motivate the subsequent generation of leaders who will advance society.

Overall, the Coolidge Scholarship Program presents a special chance for top students to pursue their leadership and academic ambitions without having to worry about paying back student loans.

Qualifications for the Coolidge Scholarship Program

Those who apply must fulfill the following criteria in order to be eligible for the Coolidge Scholarship Program:

To apply, a student must be a junior in high school (11th grade) at the time of the application.

Identify as an American citizen or authorized permanent residence.

After high school, plan to attend full-time in a recognized, four-year undergraduate university in the US.

own an impressive academic record with a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.5 on a scale of 4.0.

possess a track record of leadership and public policy interest.

possess a history of involvement in extracurricular activities, volunteer effort, and/or paid job.

Show an interest in learning new things and an eagerness to participate in challenging academic coursework.

It should be noted that fulfilling these criteria does not ensure selection as a Coolidge Scholar. The application process is extremely difficult, and candidates will be assessed based on the quality of their supporting documents, such as essays, transcripts, test results, and letters of recommendation.

Application procedure: There are various steps in the Coolidge Scholarship Program application procedure, including:

Preliminary Application: Before submitting a formal application for the Coolidge Scholarship Program, students must first fill out a preliminary application that asks for some basic information about their academic record and extracurricular involvement. The deadline for submitting this application is January 20 of the application year.

A chosen number of candidates will be invited to submit the semifinalist application following the preliminary application. More specific information regarding the student's academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work is required for this application. Applications for semifinalists are due on February 20.

The Coolidge Exam is a test of knowledge on Calvin Coolidge, his philosophy, and his time. It is only open to semifinalists who move on to the next stage. The multiple-choice and essay portions of the exam are given online. Exam results are due on March 10.

Finalist Application: A limited set of candidates will be invited to submit a finalist application following the Coolidge Exam. Students must submit multiple essays and letters of recommendation for this application. The deadline for finalist applications is April 8.

Interview: Candidates for the Coolidge Scholars Finalist Selection Committee will be invited to take part in an interview. Typically, interviews take place in late April or early May.

The selection of scholarship applicants will be announced to them in late early June or May.

Finally, the Coolidge Scholarship Program application procedure is demanding and extremely competitive. In order to be competitive, candidates must have a good academic history, a thorough comprehension of Calvin Coolidge's philosophy, and a strong dedication to public service and civic participation.

How to Submit an Application for a Coolidge Scholarship 

Follow these procedures to apply for the Coolidge Scholarship Program through the official website:

The Coolidge Scholarship website is here: Visit now.

Examine the prerequisites: Make sure you satisfy all qualifying conditions before submitting an application on the Coolidge Scholarship website.

Register for the Coolidge Exam by selecting "Coolidge Exam" from the dropdown menu after clicking the "Apply" option on the top menu. Sign up for the Coolidge Exam, an online quiz that tests your understanding of Calvin Coolidge's life and beliefs. Normally, registration begins in early December and ends in the middle of January.

Take the Coolidge Exam: You'll get an email with details on how to take the Coolidge Exam after enrolling. There are 50 multiple-choice questions on the test, and you have 90 minutes to do it.

Application submission: You will be given the opportunity to submit a full application, which entails numerous essays and other papers, if your Coolidge Exam score is high enough. Usually in late January or early February, the application deadline comes around.

Participate in the Semifinalist Interview: If your application is chosen as a semifinalist, you will be given the opportunity to speak with the Coolidge Scholarship selection committee online. Typically, the interviews take place in March.

Finalist Notification: In late April, the Coolidge Scholarship winners are contacted.

Be sure to carefully read the application guidelines and submit all necessary paperwork by the deadline. Good fortune

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What the Coolidge Exam Is and How to Prepare for It

Semifinalists in the Coolidge Scholarship Program must take the multiple-choice and essay-based Coolidge Exam. The goal of the exam is to gauge the student's understanding of Calvin Coolidge's life, philosophy, and time period. Here are the essential details.

What the Coolidge Exam entails, and how to study for it:

The Coolidge Exam is broken up into two sections. 30 multiple-choice questions in the first section of the test cover subjects like Calvin Coolidge's biography and political career, American history in the 1920s, and the ideas of limited government and individual liberty. Two essay questions in the second section urge students to evaluate primary sources pertaining to Coolidge's viewpoint and apply it to current events.

Study resources: You should start by reading about Calvin Coolidge and his time period to get ready for the Coolidge Exam. about its website, the Coolidge Foundation offers a reading list with books and articles about Coolidge and the history of the 1920s. You should also read through Coolidge's works and speeches, which are accessible on the Foundation website.

Exam simulations: The Coolidge Foundation's website includes sample questions and an exam that replicates the structure and substance of the real Coolidge Exam. You can obtain a sense of the questions that will be asked and how to approach them by taking practice examinations.

Time management: The two hours allotted to complete the Coolidge Exam are timed. It's crucial to effectively manage your time so that you have enough time to complete the essay prompts and all of the questions.

The Coolidge Exam's essay questions call on students to study original source documents and use Coolidge's from philosophy to the present. You should practice analyzing primary source documents and spotting important themes and arguments in order to be well-prepared for these questions. Additionally, you want to keep up with current affairs while considering how Coolidge's ideas may be used to address current problems.

All things considered, studying for the Coolidge Exam necessitates a blend of knowledge, analytical prowess, and time management. You can improve your chances of passing the Coolidge Exam by going over the recommended reading list, putting your analytical skills to the test, and preparing with example questions and exams.

Suggestions for a Powerful Coolidge Scholarship Application.

The following advice can help you write a compelling Coolidge Scholarship application:

Carefully read and adhere to the instructions: Make sure you comprehend all the guidelines and requirements for the application and pay close attention to them. This include being mindful of any word counts, formatting requirements, and special prompts or queries.

Showcasing your academic successes is important since the Coolidge Scholarship Program places a high focus on academic prowess. Highlight your academic accomplishments, including your GPA, test results, and any advanced coursework or research projects.

The Coolidge Scholarship Program also values leadership and community involvement, so be sure to highlight those in your extracurricular activities. Your involvement in extracurricular activities, such as athletics, clubs, volunteer work, and leadership roles, should be highlighted.

The Coolidge Scholarship Program is seeking students who are intellectually interested and passionate about learning. Demonstrate your love for learning. Employ your essays to demonstrate your academic difficulties you've faced, your intellectual interests, and any life experiences that have influenced your academic objectives.

Write well-structured essays: Your writings should be written clearly and with good organization. Employ a simple outline that includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Make sure your writing is clear and focused, and refrain from using excessive jargon or convoluted vocabulary.

Offer commendable letters of recommendation: Select recommenders who are knowledgeable about you and who can attest to your character, leadership, and academic accomplishments. Give your recommenders enough time to complete their letters, and make sure you check in with them to make sure they deliver them on time.

Carefully edit and proofread: Make sure to thoroughly edit and check your essays and other application materials before submitting them. Check your writing for clarity and conciseness, as well as for spelling and grammar mistakes.

You can improve your chances of getting chosen as a Coolidge Scholar by using these suggestions to create a compelling and well-written application.

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Questions and Answers about the Coolidge Scholarship.

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