Apply for the 2023–2024 Louise McKinney Scholarship Program in Canada.

Are you looking for the Louise McKinney Scholarship application for 2023–2024? Do you intend to continue your education in Canada? In that case, you are in the right place. All international students are eligible to apply for the Louise McKinney Scholarship program. These are the eligibility requirements and application instructions: 

The Louise McKinney Award The Louise McKinney Scholarship is an academic honor created in honor of Louise McKinney, a well-known advocate for women's rights and Alberta, Canada's first female Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). The prize was created in her memory to commemorate and encourage Alberta students' exceptional academic success.

Up to 20 students in Alberta who are enrolled in undergraduate programs at qualified post-secondary institutions are given the grant each year. The honorees must have been recommended by their institution and have a minimum grade point average of 3.5 from their most recent academic year. 

Each year, the scholarship's amount varies, although it usually amounts to $2,500. The award is meant to help students with the cost of tuition and other post-secondary education-related costs.

Overall, the Louise McKinney Scholarship is a renowned prize that honors the legacy of a trailblazing political activist and advocate for women's rights while also recognizing and promoting academic success among Alberta students.

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Eligibility for the Louise McKinney Scholarship Program

The Louise McKinney Scholarship is a scholarship program established in the province of Alberta, Canada, to reward outstanding academic achievement of undergraduate students. To qualify for the scholarship, you must: 

being a protected person in Canada, a citizen, or a permanent resident.

abide by Alberta Student Aid's definition of residency in Alberta.

be fully enrolled in an undergraduate degree at a post-secondary institution in Alberta that is financed by the government.

have completed at least 24 credits of coursework in an Albertan post-secondary school with a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Be aware that just because you complete the standards doesn't mean you'll get the scholarship because there are only a finite amount of grants and there can be stiff competition.


Louise McKinney Scholarship is available through Alberta Student Assistance at

The official website of the Alberta government is at louise-mckinney-post-secondary-scholarship.aspx.

Scholarship Canada: 

The detailed procedures and website URL for the Louise McKinney Scholarship program are provided below:

Verify you fit the qualifying criteria, which include being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, being a resident of Alberta, having a high academic standing, and being enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program at an Alberta post-secondary institution.

To view your academic history, request an official transcript from your post-secondary institution.

You should compose a personal statement outlining your qualifications for the scholarship. Your academic success, extracurricular activities, and career goals should all be highlighted in the statement.

Go to to see the website of the Alberta government. 

Scroll down to the "How to Apply" section and click on the "Apply now" option.

The online application mechanism for ApplyAlberta requires the creation of an account. Use your email address and password to log in if you've already registered an account.

Fill out the application form completely, including correct and thorough information about your identity and academic background.

the online application system with your official transcript and personal statement.

Before the deadline, which is normally in the spring of each year, submit your application. Check the webpage for the most recent information as the precise deadline may change.

I'm done now! Success with your application, please.

Questions about Louise McKinney Scholarship

These are some of the program's frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the Louise McKinney Scholarship? 

A scholarship program in Alberta, Canada, is called the Louise McKinney Scholarship after Louise McKinney, a politician and women's rights advocate. It is given to exceptional post-secondary students in Alberta who are studying full-time in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Who is qualified to get the scholarship?

A: In order to be eligible for the Louise McKinney Scholarship, you must have been a resident of Alberta for at least 12 continuous months previous to the application deadline and be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person. casecase procedcasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecasecase academic year for graduate students that is full-time.

What sum of money is given away through the scholarship?

A: The scholarship amount varies according to the program of study and the level of study. an a. a s a s s s s s s s s ss s s s s s s.

How do I submit my application for the scholarship?

A: You must submit an online application through the Alberta Student Assistance website in order to be considered for the Louise McKinney Scholarship. The website lists particular dates for the application deadline, which usually falls in the spring.

Q: When will I find out whether I have been given the scholarship?
Apply for the 2023–2024 Louise McKinney Scholarship Program in Canada.

Throughout the summer, award choices are often made, and successful applicants will be notified via email or letter.

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