Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for International Students and Artists in 2022–2023

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for International Students and Artists in 2022–2023


Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for International Students and Artists in 2022–2023

Each year, the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship offers Masters Scholarships to students studying art (Artists). International students from Africa and other countries who aspire to study PhD, postdoctoral, and research degrees in Switzerland are offered the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship each year. New information has surfaced as more nations have been included. Use the new URL to search for your country: 

Through the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS), the Swiss government provides a variety of postgraduate fellowships to foreign academics and researchers, including:

The research scholarship is open to all post-graduate researchers with a master's degree or higher. Furthermore, awardees must have the intention of visiting Switzerland to carry out doctoral- or post-doctoral-level research or to further their studies.

Research scholarships are available for study or research at all Swiss cantonal institutions, universities of applied sciences, and the two federal institutes of technology. Only candidates who have received a recommendation from a professor at one of these institutions will be considered. 

If they desire to pursue their first master's degree in Switzerland, art students can apply for art scholarships there. Students may be eligible for art grants from any Swiss conservatory or institution. Only those who have received scholarships are eligible to apply. The only students who can apply for this award are those from a certain list of countries.

With the aid of these fellowships, graduates from all fields can carry out master's, doctoral, or postdoctoral research at a publicly funded university or another reputable institution in Switzerland.

Summary of Contents

The Swiss Federal Government

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Excellence Scholarships from the Swiss Government: 4. 3. Their Goals and Advantages

4. Awards for Excellence from the Swiss Government 5. 5. 5. Conditions Qualifications application deadline

How to Apply 

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Organization of the Master Type Geneva Government studying abroad, going to school, and taking an unspecified course Application deadline for country of origin November 30, 2022 Gender Male and Female

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships: Why They Exist and Their Advantages

The prize comes with a monthly payment, a tuition fee waiver, health insurance, travel expenses, a special lodging allowance, etc. Consult the fact sheets for details on specific scholarship perks.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships Requirements

The FCS uses three criteria to assess scholarship applications:

first, a candidate's profile

the standard of the research or creative project

c) Synergies and potential for further joint research 

Applications may be pre-selected by the relevant state authorities and/or the Swiss diplomatic mission. Prior to reaching a decision, the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS) assesses the shortlisted applications.

The FCS is composed of professors from all Swiss public universities. The standard utilized to choose scholarship recipients is academic and scientific achievement.

Candidates for university scholarships must:

hold an undergraduate or graduate degree at the time the prize is given.

have the capacity to clearly communicate their academic aspirations and strengths.

Contact the company or the professor who is in charge of the research project. To determine whether you meet the prerequisites for admission, universities may request further information or impose new requirements. 

be under 35 years of age (born on or after 1 January 1977).

Students must speak the target language of instruction with sufficient proficiency in order to fully benefit from their studies in Switzerland (French, German, Italian, or English).

Please refer to the fact sheets for each country for details on general and specific eligibility requirements.

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