Scholarship for $24,000 per year to study in the United States - APPLY NOW

Scholarship for $24,000 per year to study in the United States - APPLY NOW


For students planning to pursue undergraduate studies at Farleigh Dickinson University in the United States, FDU International Scholarships are offered (USA). The university provides a range of merit scholarships for its overseas undergraduate students.

There are bachelor's and master's degrees available in every subject.

The scholarship has a maximum annual value of $24,000.


There is no combining of these rewards. Students will get the highest honor they are eligible for during the awarding period. The exact amount of each Green & Gold award, which is a partial out-of-state tuition remission based on the number of credits a student has earned, varies. 

registers for each term. Non-resident students will swap their scholarship for a waiver. The USF non-resident waiver award will pay up to the maximum amount stipulated by The Office of Admissions as long as the non-resident fee amount stays within the non-resident fee level and is not covered by any other resources. For information on their maximum eligibility for a waiver, students should refer to their award announcement from The Office of Admissions. 

Scholarship Award/Benefits Academic prerequisites

Presidential Waiver Award for USF Green & Gold

$48,000 ($12,000 maximum yearly)

3.90 GPA with a 1340+ SAT score (just in evidence-based reading, writing, and math) or

Green & Gold Directors Waiver Award for 29+ ACT USF

$9,000 annually or $36,000 maximum

3.70 GPA and 1280+ SAT points (restricted to math, evidence-based reading, and writing) or

USF Green & Gold Scholars Waiver Award for 27+ ACT

$24,000 ($6,000 maximum yearly)

USF International Student Scholarship: 3.50 GPA and 1210+ SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing & Math alone) or 25+ ACT

4,000 dollars (up to $1,000 year)

3.30 or higher on the SAT with an evidence-based reading, writing, and math score, or 


You can be qualified for an out-of-state tuition waiver if you are a student with citizenship in an eligible Latin American or Caribbean (LAC) nation and you meet the requirements for an admissions scholarship (LAC). LAC is a tuition waiver that brings costs down to parity with in-state costs. It is not a scholarship or grant. Instead, it applies to any student from the Caribbean or Latin America who receives at least $500 in university state funding per semester. The student must continue to be enrolled full-time, be a citizen of a nation in Latin America or the Caribbean, and routinely receive the $500+ state subsidies each semester in order to maintain eligibility. 

LAC offers in-state students a tuition waiver. More details on the LAC waiver can be found in Florida Statute 7.007, which is available online at Florida Statute 7.007, which was previously noted, has a list of the countries that are qualified.

Please be aware that the state of Florida is in charge of enforcing this law, which is subject to change.

Scholarship Award/Benefits

Academic prerequisites

Gold USF Scholars Award

$10,000 (or $2,500 annually)

3.80 GPA and 1280+ SAT points (just in evidence-based reading, writing, and math) or 27+ ACT points

Scholarships for International Students at USF

$4000 ($1,000 annually)

3.30 GPA or higher, 1180 on the SAT (Evidence-Based Reading, Writing, and Math alone), or 24 on the ACT

Eligibility: The scholarships typically are based;

SAT/ACT testing is optional based on academic merit. Up to four years' worth of renewals 

Only those who have submitted a full application for the FDU course will be taken into consideration. A solid GPA, sustained full-time enrollment, and good standing at FDU are required for scholarships to be renewed each year.

must submit a full FDU application before being admitted.

Presented upon admittance.

won't rise after being granted

awarded annually (Fall and Spring semesters)

not applicable to a summer semester

Continual full-time enrollment, a strong GPA, and good standing at FDU are requirements for renewal.

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee receiving an award.

subject to specific limitations

The following link should be used to submit an application for admission to the school:

Students will be notified once their application and all necessary paperwork have been received. 

automatically taken into account for financial aid. For the spring semester (January), the application date is July 1, 2022.

Scholarships Catherine W. Pierce also available

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