Requirements & Eligibility for 2022–2023 AIHF Scholarship Applications

Requirements & Eligibility for 2022–2023 AIHF Scholarship Applications


Are you looking for the AIHF Scholarship Application for 2022–2023? Do you wish to learn more about the conditions, criteria, and application process for AIHF Scholarships? If so, you have come to the right place. 

Over the past 30 years, the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation (AIHF) has awarded more than 855 scholarships totaling almost $2.2 million to students who are seriously interested in studying industrial hygiene and/or occupational and environmental health safety. The AIHF Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that scholarship applications for the academic year 2022–2023 are now being accepted until February 6, 2023, in light of this accomplishment.

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All full-time and part-time students who will be enrolled in one of the following programs at the start of the Fall 2023 semester are eligible to apply for AIHF Scholarships. 

a graduate or undergraduate program that has been fully accredited by ABET in accordance with the industrial hygiene or similarly named program criteria, or the environmental, health, and safety program criteria.

a graduate degree in public health that is completely accredited by the CEPH and focuses on industrial hygiene or occupational health with an emphasis on environmental health.

An NIOSH ERC or NIOSH Training Project Grant that offers an Industrial Hygiene program, or one with a curriculum of a similar name.

at one of the following Canadian universities: University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, University of Montreal, University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres. a program titled "industrial hygiene" or something close.

The M.S. in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene program at New York University (NYU). For The Dr. Morton Lippmann Scholarship is solely open to NYU students.

Students who are not enrolled in any of the aforementioned programs are eligible to apply for the AIHF Scholarship. A program or group of students must first submit a separate application form that is filled out by a school administration in order to be considered for an AIHF scholarship. By January 4, 2023, the school application form must be turned in.

Additional Details for Scholarship Applications

The following documents must be sent or submitted by applicants in order to complete the AIHF scholarship application. Please be sure to submit your application with the following six requirements. All requested materials must be sent as PDF files. If you need help converting your documents, get in touch with Thursa Pecoraro at a PDF document.

university transcripts

Transcripts from all undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs should be submitted. Candidates may submit an unofficial grade report that has been authorized by the department chair in place of transcripts.

Personal Statement/Profile (no more than 2 pages)

Make sure the following topics are covered in your comment:

What makes you want to work in industrial hygiene?

What particular area of IH most interests you?

Describe any industrial hygiene-related employment you have or have had.

What are your long-term goals in the workplace? Do research, become a CIH, etc.

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Why are you the scholarship recipient who deserves it the most?


If you want to be considered for the President's Leadership Award, be sure to indicate in your personal or professional statement how you have proven your understanding of the occupational health, environmental health, and industrial hygiene disciplines.

If you want to be considered for the Debbie Dietrich Women in Industrial Hygiene Scholarship, be sure to address the following in your personal or professional statement:

How you have exhibited leadership qualities that have benefited or elevated women in your community, workplace, or field of study.

Description of a senior project or thesis plus an internship

Every Candidate: Summarize your research thesis or project, capstone project, or internship project in one concise but in-depth paragraph. Include: 

Your theory (i.e., the topic you hope to solve), how it relates to industrial hygiene, why you think it should, how you are or would approach the project,

If possible, list your findings or recommendations.

If you have NOT yet selected your research thesis, project, capstone, or internship project, or if your program does not require one, follow the instructions in the preceding paragraph and select a topic related to industrial hygiene that you are interested in researching or that you believe needs to be researched (points 1 through 3 only).

up-to-date curriculum vitae (no more than 2 pages)

Included should be a list of all prior employment and internship experiences.

Make care to include EVERYONE, please also of the following

Recognition, honors, and additional scholarships received

Volunteering-related activities outside of the classroom and in the community

Participate and volunteer in organizations that support public health, safety, and industrial hygiene, such as local student sections.

a high-resolution, professional image captured digitally (minimum 300 dpi)

The AIHF Award Advisory Committee, which selects scholarship applicants, will not be given access to your photo. If given an AIHF scholarship, it will be used at AIHF/discretion AIHA's in publications, marketing initiatives, and requests for gifts and materials.

The submission of two letters of recommendation from respected authorities is REQUIRED.

One must come from a professor of an academic program. The second must originate from a CIH or IH specialist (your professor can meet this criterion).

Even though the same individual can be categorized under each of these headings, a second professional reference is still required.

Send the following link to your references so they are aware of what to anticipate: Your references can email their letters of recommendation to or submit them online at the following link.

References for the student are not permitted to submit letters of recommendation.

Reference letters must be accurate, two pages long, and written on letterhead. Tell your references how important their letter of recommendation is as a factor in decisions.

Be sure to ask your references on the following topics: 

When did you first get to know the candidate, and what sets them apart from their peers?

Which traits or skills best characterize the applicant?

How passionate and interested is the candidate in industrial hygiene, in your opinion?

If any, how would you assess the applicant's fundamental industrial hygiene skills?

Please provide the scholarship committee with any additional information you think they would need to decide whether to award the grant (interpersonal skills, demonstrated leadership skills, academic performance, work ethics, etc.).

AIHF Scholarships 2023: Submission Deadline 

By Friday, February 6, 2023, the whole AIHF application package must be sent in. All assignments must be completed completely, and responses must be truthful. All applicants who submit a complete application will be considered for all available scholarships.

AIHF Review and Selection Process

Beginning in February 2023, the AIHF Scholarship Advisory Committee's independent assessment process will be implemented. By the middle of April, all candidates will be informed of the committee's decision. The grantees will all be publicly recognized at the AIHce EXP 2023, which takes place May 22–24 in Phoenix, Arizona. All scholarships will be given out in the fall of 2023.


If you have any questions about the AIHF scholarship application or trouble complete your application, email Thursa Pecoraro at 

Application requirements for AIH Foundation Scholarships can be found at

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