Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowships and Scholarships


Merit Scholarships at Rhodes

Merit awards honor certain students for their accomplishments in service, leadership, or academic excellence. These fiercely competitive honors recognize each admitted student's strength and accomplishments both inside and beyond the classroom and are given out on an individual basis.

For the following merit-based scholarships, Rhodes College will have a priority deadline of December 1 starting with the first-year cohort enrolling in the fall of 2023. Applications that are received by the Office of Admission on or before December 1 will be taken into consideration for these merit prizes, regardless of application strategy (Early Decision I, Early Decision II, Early Action, Regular Decision). 

Although all applicants are given consideration when applying for these rewards, students who meet the deadlines are given priority consideration. Here is a list of our merit-based scholarships (applicable only to entering students in 2023–24):

$40k yearly Cambridge Scholarship

Dean's Fellowship: $35,000 annually

Scholarship from the President: $33,000 annually

Scholarship from Ralph C. Hon: $31,000 annually

Diehl Award: $28,000 annually

* For this application cycle, late applications may still be taken into consideration for a small number of the aforementioned scholarships as well as additional merit awards. 


By giving students the opportunity to engage in significant study, research, creative work, and service alongside like-minded peers, fellowships go beyond traditional scholarships. Fellowships give students the chance to put their academic knowledge into practice, enhance their resumes, and engage in a community of learners.

Fellowship applications must go through a specific process. To access the current fellowships offered (effective for prospective students only in 2021–2022), click on the links below: 

Day Fellowship: $35,000 annually

Scholarship for music and the arts: up to $12,500 annually

Scholarship Bonner: $13,000 annually in addition to any other Rhodes assistance

In addition to any other scholarships, the Taylor Scholarship in Physics is worth up to $18,500 annually. Rhodes assistance

Jewish Community Fellowship: up to three years at $10,000 annually

In collaboration with the University of Memphis, the Departments of the Air Force, Army, and Navy, Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Rhodes participates in crosstown agreements that give Rhodes students the chance to enroll in The University of Memphis offers Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC), Military Science (Army ROTC), and Naval Science (Navy ROTC). Even though a student enrolls in ROTC classes at The University of Memphis, they are full-time Rhodes students, and any financial aid from the military services is calculated based on Rhodes' tuition and fees. A student earns a commission as a second lieutenant or an ensign in the relevant military service upon successful completion of the reserve officer training programs and the undergraduate degree at Rhodes. For information on degree-specific courses, consult the most recent Rhodes College Catalog.

Rhodes may be compensated by institutional fellowships, scholarships, and grants. 

Unless otherwise stated, awards are made on a complete academic year (two semesters), exclusively for the fall and spring semesters, and include tuition, fees, housing, and board (direct cost). Please be aware that if you obtain rewards from outside sources that add up to more than your direct expenditures, your Rhodes scholarship may need to be decreased.

FAFSA Financial Aid Applications (Rhodes Title IV code: 003519)

Obtain Forms

On the Rhodes Express Download Forms webpage, you may find all Financial Aid forms.

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