By 2022, Stellenbosch University will host the South Africa-Tubingen Program (Fully-funded)

By 2022, Stellenbosch University will host the South Africa-Tubingen Program (Fully-funded)

Do you intend to attend school in South Africa? Are you looking for Stellenbosch University's Tubeingen-South Africa Program 2022 (Fully-Funded)? 

If so, then your quest is over. Details and the deadline are listed below: 

South African students who are interested in participating in a program that will introduce them to German culture and language might apply to the Stellenbosch University Tubingen-South Africa Program.

The Tübingen-South Africa Program offers students in South Africa the chance to learn more about German language and culture. Additionally, it aims to strengthen ties and mutual understanding between South Africa and Germany.

Award for the South Africa-Tubingen Program

Scholarships are sponsored by the university of Stellenbosch in South Africa.

The host university is Stellenbosch University in South Africa. 

Value of the Scholarship: Fully funded by a travel grant to cover their flight

There were several prizes given out.

Bachelor's degree level: South African nationality

Information on the 2022 South Africa-Tubingen Program at Stellenbosch University

During their month-long stay in Tübingen, students take part in a program designed to give them a comprehensive knowledge in a number of subjects, like as language, history, and economics. Students take part in factory tours and tourist excursions in addition to classroom teaching, allowing for an interesting four weeks of diversified study. 

The project provides 18 students from the partner universities in the vicinity of Tübingen the chance of a lifetime to participate.

Along with SU, the other partner universities include the universities of Cape Town, KwaZulu-Natal, Johannesburg, Witwatersrand, Pretoria, and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Eligibility Requirements for the Tubingen Programme in South Africa

The following are the prerequisites for the Stellenbosch University Tubingen-South Africa Program:

accomodation with a German host family (including a basic breakfast);

lunch and dinner served Monday through Friday in the nearby Mensa student canteen; 

Internet access; materials for studying (notepad, pens, etc.); Seminars and workshops; A bus pass for Tübingen and the surrounding area that is valid for the entire month of January; costs associated with extra, related events and activities;

if necessary, extra-warm winter gear; Expenses for official outings and industrial tours, including travel, admission costs, lunches, etc.


 Scholarship from Harvard University and the Boustany Foundation

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How to Apply for the Stellenbosch University South Africa-Tubingen Program 

Application Process: Students interested in the Stellenbosch University Tubingen-South Africa Program should send their CV and a two-page written motivation to by email.

Submission deadline: August 15, 2022


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