2023 Flinders University The Cheryl Ann Keatley Award

2023 Flinders University The Cheryl Ann Keatley Award


The Cheryl Ann Keatley Scholarship was made possible by generous gifts given in honor of Cheryl Ann Keatley's contributions to elderly care and continence education.

By giving financial aid to students pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care (Aged Care), Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Aged Care), or Master of Nursing, this grant seeks to promote postgraduate studies in incontinence nursing (Aged Care). 

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The purpose of the Cheryl Ann Keatley Scholarship and its advantages

Cheryl Ann Keatley Scholarship requirements Qualification

Date, Time, and Location of the Cheryl Ann Keatley Scholarship Interview

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Flinders University Information

In Adelaide, South Australia, there is a public university called Flinders University. It was established in 1966 and is called in honor of the explorer and surveyor of the South Australian coastline in the early 19th century, Matthew Flinders. A member of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) Group and a thriving university, Flinders is ranked 36th globally and in the top 10 in Australia among institutions founded less than 50 years ago. Academically, the university was a leader in interdisciplinary education, and its colleges of medicine and the humanities are among the top in the world. 

Scholarship for Cheryl Ann KeatleyCategory PostgraduateOrganisation University of Flinders nation to study Australia studying at school University of Flinders Program of study not defined Country of Origin Gender Males and females Application Closing Date March 8, 2023

The Scholarship for Cheryl Ann Keatley's Purpose and Benefits

There will be one $1,000 scholarship offered each year, subject to money being available. 

Cheryl Ann Keatley Scholarship requirements Qualification

Candidates must:

Be Australian citizens or lawful permanent residents; have applied for admission to, or be enrolled in, the Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care (Aged Care), Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Aged Care), or Master of Nursing (Aged Care) programs offered by Flinders University; be able to show financial hardship; and be able to show active participation in the provision of care to the elderly.

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Date, Time, and Location of the Interview for the Cheryl Ann Keatley Scholarship

A committee made up of the Associate Dean (Academic), School of Nursing and Midwifery (or nominee), Professor of Aging, School of Nursing and Midwifery (or nominee), a Resthaven representative, and a Keatley family member.

The scholarship will be given based on demonstrable financial need and active participation in providing care for the elderly.

Application Closing Date
March 8, 2023 

How to Apply Applications must be submitted electronically by the stipulated deadline via the Flinders University Student System. Because this information will be used to evaluate you, please make sure that all of your personal information is current in the Student System.

Send in your application

Visit the webpage of Flinders University for additional information. 

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