Thanks for visiting International Scholarships.

Thanks for visiting International Scholarships.


Finding a scholarship to assist with your tuition can make all the difference in your ability to study abroad if you're an international student. But where do you even begin? There are tens of thousands of scholarships available, some of which accept applicants from nearly all nations. Knowing where to look is the key. What categories of scholarships are available? Scholarships are given out based on a variety of criteria, some of which are field-specific, others of which are based on merit or need.

The International Scholarship Search was created to make it simpler for students who want to study abroad to obtain a scholarship. You can get the most complete list of grants, scholarships, and other financial aid at this website. 

In order to help college and university students from all over the world who want to study abroad, there are loan programs and other resources available.

Financial aid & Awards
Financial aid & Awards

Opportunities for New International Scholarships Monthly Scholarships for International Students through MPOWER Financing 36 international students will receive US $48,000 from MPOWER this year to help them pursue their academic goals. How it functions Check out on the first of every month... 

Turning Scholarship for the Tide
Foundation for Andrew W. Mellon

One of Stellenbosch University's ten faculties, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in the arts, including drama, music, and visual arts.

South African Post Graduate PANGeA Scholarships

Henkel Foundation for Gerda

One of Stellenbosch University's ten faculties, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in the arts, including drama, music, and visual arts.


Clinical Fellowships with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Association for Cystic Fibrosis

The goal of this prize is to encourage early specialization in medical training and to equip applicants for jobs in academic medicine. 

the permanent trustee company for the Marten Bequest Traveling Scholarship

Australian citizens who exhibit exceptional talent and promise in one or more artistic disciplines who are between the ages of 21 and 35 (17–35 ballet) are eligible for the Marten Bequest Traveling Scholarship.

International Excellence Scholarship

Monash College

The top 10 overseas students pursuing the International Baccalaureate or Australian Year 12 in Australia are eligible for this scholarship. If your ATAR is 98.00 or higher or an equivalent score, you will...

Grant for Australian Institute Research

Torres Straight Islander and Aboriginal Studies Institute of Australia

To fund research that will help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people both immediately and later

Recent New International Scholarship Opportunities Monthly Scholarships for International Students MPOWER Financing This year, MPOWER is giving US $48,000 to support the educational aspirations of 36 overseas students. How it works: Check out on the first of every month.

Scholarship for early career researchers from Latin America, Asia, and Africa offered by the Manfred Ulmer Foundation and the University of Konstanz

There are up to four (post-)doctoral stipends available for up to three months of on-campus research at the Zukunftskolleg (with justification for up to 4 months). The nearby ZUKOnnect

Leverhulme Trust Fellowships for Research
Trust Leverhulme

To aid researchers who are experts in their professions in conducting study, especially those who are or have been prohibited from doing so by daily obligations or similar factors. 

Urban Mobility Fellowship through EIT

Urban Mobility EIT

In order to entice outstanding talent from throughout the world, EIT Urban Mobility offers significant scholarships. Our merit-based scholarships will pay for your two years of education. They consist of reduced tuition fees and...

Educators for Educators

An online database of scholarships for students from any nation is available at No matter who you are, we will have an award for you since we have searched the entire world for awards that are intended to help students who want to study abroad.

Anyone can search the website for private sponsors and organizations that offer scholarships to international students, but only registered users can view the contact information.

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Community of International Students

We're also thrilled to be assisting the Discord community for international students! It's where aspirational students congregate, exchange ideas, and encourage one another to achieve the greatest international education.

Get your invite right here.

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You will gain a lot of exposure to the international student community by adding your award to More than 2,000 prizes are presently listed on our website, and publishing your award will make it visible to the more than 600,000 international students that visit it annually. Additionally,, the website for international education financial aid, will highlight your scholarship.

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