Obi Cubana provides a viral scholarship and a job to a hawker in Lagos. A JAMES OJO work POSTING A COMMENT APRIL 16, 2022


A hawker in Lagos became famous online for donating money to prisoners in a video.


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A scholarship, job, and money have been promised by Obi Cubana, a socialite from Nigeria, to Ekuma Jeremiah, a hawker from Lagos who gained notoriety for giving money to prisoners.


After his kind deed captured the eye of many Nigerians recently, Jeremiah became a viral phenomenon. 

The businessman stated during a Saturday Instagram live session with media personality Daddy Freeze that Jeremiah's action was admirable.

The 46-year-old made the hawker an offer of a "lifetime opportunity" and mentorship in order to help him improve as a person.


"I'm giving him a chance of a lifetime, and I suppose his aim is to go to school," I said. As I said earlier, that is the best we can do for him. I will see him through college, and if he decides to pursue a master's degree abroad, I will ensure that he is comfortable while attending classes. 

He will attend any university he chooses, and by God's grace I am confident that I will still be alive when he finishes his studies. He also has a top position in any of my organizations, and if by God's grace he discovers a higher calling, there is no catch to this; I don't demand anything in return.

"I'm not attaching any restrictions to this, but if he decides against returning to school, we can now ask him what he wants to do and then support him.


The most crucial thing is to understand that I am a mentor and a life coach for him. I'll succeed. 

I have faith that God will give me health and strength since he made it simple for me through God.

The socialite claimed that if more people could imitate the hawker's gesture, the world would be a better place.

The man, who is in good physical condition, will attend any university of his choosing, not merely to cover school costs. His heart is one of God. We require individuals of this caliber, he continued.

"I ask that people provide eye service to catch my attention. Let them do this kind of thing. You never know when you grow used to it, the world improves."

Obi Cubana provides a viral scholarship and a job to a hawker in Lagos.  A JAMES OJO work POSTING A COMMENT APRIL 16, 2022

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