Do you aspire to attend Harvard, Oxford, or another prestigious institution to further your education? Here are our seven recommendations for getting into the top institutions worldwide.

The top ten universities in the world, according to the Times Higher Education World University rankings, are:

UK's University of Oxford

Cambridge University, UK

American university Stanford

United States: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

American California Institute of Technology

American university Harvard

American university Princeton

American university Yale

British Imperial College

American University of Chicago 

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Do you want to attend one of these schools or another prestigious institution? You can rely on us! But before, I urge you to read through our 7 steps:

1. Before beginning

2. Submit applications on time and to several schools.

3. Earn high marks.

4. Perform well on placement exams

5. Compose a fantastic essay.

6. Obtain strong referrals

7. Request aid

1. Before beginning

It takes a lot of effort to apply to the top colleges, and only approximately 5% of them, or one in twenty, accept students.

 So, before you begin the application process, consider why it is that you want to attend one of these institutions. 

Do you have the academic credentials necessary to be accepted? Do you possess the resources to pay for your education there?

The prestige that attending a top-tier university gives is the fundamental justification for doing so. 

A diploma from one of these institutions will be noticeable on your resume and assist you in landing a decent job and a successful career. However, it is not the only way to a successful career.

There are a few disadvantages of attending high ranked universities that you should take into account:

It is incredibly difficult to get accepted, therefore it will probably be wiser to apply to institutions that aren't quite as difficult if your grades aren't stellar.

If you are approved, you will face off against the brightest students from every day all throughout the world. This might be motivating, but it can also be difficult if you start earning below-average marks all of a sudden.

The most expensive universities in the world are also several of the best. Some of them have financial assistance programs or scholarships for low-income students that can reduce the tuition cost, but you will still need to come up with the remainder of the money to pay for the tuition, living expenses, insurance, travel to the school, and, if necessary, application help. A somewhat lower ranked universities frequently have lower tuition fees and may offer more scholarships to draw in a strong applicant. 

You should try it if you still believe you have what it takes. Let's get going.

2. Submit applications on time and to several schools.

Typically, I tell students to concentrate on creating a few high-quality applications rather than creating many lower-quality ones. There are no short cuts when applying to the best universities, though. Your application needs to be excellent—not just good. But because of the volume of applications these schools get, even excellent applications frequently get rejected. In order to enhance your chances of acceptance, you should apply to numerous institutions if you are serious about attending one of the best schools.  

Compared to other colleges, top universities frequently have earlier deadlines. For programs beginning in the fall of the following year, the top universities in Great Britain, such as the University of Oxford, have a due as early as the middle of October. As a result, you must submit your application about a year in advance. This means that in order to allow yourself enough time to learn about the prerequisites, take the required examinations, and prepare a strong application, you should start the application process about 1.5 years before you intend to start your studies.

3. Earn high marks.

The greatest scenario is if you decide to attend a top university when you are still in your mid-teens, since this will help you focus and succeed in high school. excellent grades are required. Most programs at prestigious colleges require a GPA of 4.0 or better to be accepted. Additionally, you would still require an outstanding application.

4. Perform well on placement exams

Even if your grades aren't ideal, you can still succeed in college by doing well on standardized examinations like the SAT or ACT in the US. All applicants are required by many universities to take one of these exams. You will almost certainly need to take an admissions test like the GRE or GMAT if you want to apply for a Master's program. Choose the test that plays to your talents from among those the institution allows, especially if you are asked to take tests that only covered a select few topics.

Additionally, you will need to demonstrate your proficiency in English by performing well on the TOEFL or IELTS test.


5. Compose a fantastic essay.

Good grades and test scores are insufficient to determine who should be accepted or not when all candidates are top students.

 Your opportunity to shine and leave a lasting impression is in the essay. 

Here, it is your responsibility to persuade the institution to select you over every other applicant. Being you is the greatest way to accomplish this. Speak truthfully. Tell them about your passions, skills, aspirations, and goals. Tell personal tales.

 Explain to them why you wish why they would want you as a student at their institution and why you should study there.

Spend a lot of time on your essay and be sure to customize it for each application you create. 

Never let someone else write the essay for you because it must be perfect and simple to read while also being personal and displaying your personality.

 You are not ready to enroll in a prestigious university if you can't handle it on your own. The essay should sound natural while actually being thoroughly planned, much like a successful speech should.

6. Obtain strong referrals

It's one thing to brag to the university about how terrific you are. However, having a second person affirm it gives the message considerably greater impact. 

Frequently, prestigious universities Request a minimum of two or three letters of recommendation.

These letters need to be prepared by persons who know you well, such as former instructors, coaches, bosses, or people in similar situations. In extreme circumstances, you can ask a friend to write one of your recommendation letters if you have shared relevant extracurricular experiences with them and they are willing to put in the time to compose a sincere letter praising your good character. 

Never, however, request a recommendation letter from your parents or other members of your immediate family. That will just be taken as evidence that you lack solid references.

It's crucial that the individual writing your letter of recommendation is familiar with you. 

You are prepared to put up the effort to create an honest letter. A two-line letter stating that you have held a position at a certain company is not a letter of recommendation. It must contain information about how the person knows you, your accomplishments, and illustrations of some of your character traits.

 As a result, it is preferable to ask your nearest manager than the company CEO, for instance.

You can use the same recommendation letter for all of your applications, which is wonderful news. Simply request that your reference leave out the school's name from the letter or create multiple versions with alternative school names, then have them sign all the letters you need right away so you won't have to trouble them again. Remember  to express gratitude for their assistance and to inform them of your acceptance.

7. Request aid

As a result, you can see that getting into the top universities requires effort. Getting assistance can frequently boost your chances of success. 

Ask a reliable friend or family member to review and comment on your application.

 Don't just ask a friend or relative who will applaud you and declare that everything appears to be in order. Ask a teacher, guidance counselor, or other knowledgeable friend to give you honest criticism so you can strengthen your application.

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