Apply Now for Fully Funded University of Colorado Denver Scholarships in the USA

Apply Now for Fully Funded University of Colorado Denver Scholarships in the USA


The University of Colorado Denver offers fully financed scholarships to both domestic and international students who want to pursue a master's degree. Below are details and an application form:

Concerning this university: 

Scholarships at University of Colorado Denver in the USA

In a convenient urban setting, the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) provides a cutting-edge, meaningful education.

More than 15,000 students from 130 different countries are admitted to the university, which has been operating for almost 50 years. It promotes a culture of inclusion and diversity in order to create an interesting learning environment.

The institution is one of the top 300 universities in the world, according to the World University Rankings 2020.

With over 1,138 academic members, "CU in the City," the most varied research institution in the state, is located on the Auraria Campus in the center of Denver, Colorado. 

CU Denver offers more than 150 programs in addition to STEM, Art, Design & Innovation, Business, Industry & Commerce, Human Studies & Social Justice, Health & Medicine, and Language, Literature & the Humanities. The eight institutions and colleges that make up CU in the City combined hold more than 40 specialist accreditations. This covers both the AACSB accreditation for its business school and the ABET certification for its College of Engineering, Design, and Computing.

CU Denver, one of the top 100 Best Graduate Schools, has graduated more than 100,000 students (U.S. News 2022). The university frequently collaborates with nearby businesses to provide students with exclusive opportunities. It also has a thriving alumni network that spans the globe. 

Denver is a great place to learn since it has more than 200 parks to explore, the "greatest trail system" in the nation, and a bustling city. Students can easily travel to neighboring states because there is a big international airport nearby.

grades obtained during graduate studies

Nine of the graduate programs at CU Denver are among the top 100 graduate programs, according to the most recent U.S. News & World Report rankings. This includes the CU Denver Schools of Education & Human Development (85th), Bioengineering (89th), and Public Affairs (85th) (28th). On the same list, five of the university's programs were among the top 50.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) and STEM OPT can help international students develop their professions after graduation. 

84% of CU Denver graduates find employment within a year after graduation. 67% of whom have stayed in Colorado.

The number of graduates in the alumni community is above 110,000. Ten years after graduation, CU Denver alumni earn 8% more than their peers who complete four-year degrees at other Colorado-based universities.

Most recent rankings 

2021 Academic Ranking of the World's Universities


2023 428 14 QS World University Rankings, 2019 301


Times Higher Education 2021 301 398 World University Rankings

American MBBS: Entry Requirements, Fees, and Programs Offering Free Tuition Scholarships II

academic standing of universities worldwide

In the most recent rankings, University of Colorado Denver was ranked 300th globally and 198th in the United States. 

According to U.S. News and World Report rankings, the university came in at 113rd place among public universities. The same evaluation placed several of CU Denver's programs within the top 100 for Best Graduate Schools 2022. Among the courses on this list are those offered by the Schools of Public Affairs, Bioengineering, and Education & Human Development. The Business School was ranked 100th in the country and is the second-best public business school in Colorado.

New apartments in City Heights!

City Heights Residence Hall offers first-year students a moderately priced home away from home. Thanks to the meeting places, food options, and students' access to academic support, all students are supported and are able to establish new relationships with other students, professors, and staff. services and a variety of extracurricular pursuits.

Plans and Savings

Initiatives promoting inclusion, equity, and diversity will receive more than USD 4 million from the University of Colorado Denver. With the help of this strategy, it will be able to become an equity-serving institution by 2030. The facility would be made entirely accessible to everyone in line with the university's "Make Education Work for All" vision, which seeks to constantly serve learners' and employers' needs throughout the course of a lifetime.

On its approach to become an equity-serving institution, CU Denver passed the threshold to be designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) and an Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution (AANAPISI). CU Denver is the first research university in the state to earn such rankings. To qualify as an HSI, a university's undergraduate full-time enrolment must have at least 25% Hispanic students, or 10% for AANAPISI.


How much will it cost?

What will the price be?

The typical annual cost of tuition is $29,300


Graduate-level living costs

US$14,940 for living costs

US$9,804 for on-campus housing

Grants & Stipends

For international students, the University of Colorado Denver offers a variety of financial aid programs, jobs on campus, and scholarships. The following scholarships are available: 

Undergraduate International Scholarships

The University of Colorado Denver offers a variety of financial aid and scholarship options for international undergraduate students. The institution is committed to supporting CU Denver students' long-term academic and personal achievement, including their financial security.

Through International Admissions, automatic merit-based scholarships are offered along with additional funding in the form of donor awards and need-based grants. Students may also apply for grants from other organizations and from certain programs. In order to reduce your tuition fees, you might combine scholarships with career opportunities and other financial resources. 

The various scholarship options include:

Automatic Awards for Excellence (up to USD 10,000 per year)

Additional need-based and merit-based awards (up to USD 20,000 per year - application required)

Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Leadership (USD 2,500 per year – application required)

Financial Aid for Specific Programs (up to USD 2,500 per year)

Additional Scholarships (Application required)

Up to USD 1,500 in scholarships are given each semester to deserving students enrolled in the CU Denver business school.

Additionally, students may apply for various scholarships, including loans or grants from their home governments. 

To find out more about their internal or external funding options, students can visit the university's website or contact the financial aid and scholarships section.

Infrastructure and the campus

The University of Colorado Denver has a variety of top-notch facilities on its campus.

The university's Aurania Campus is where modern academic classrooms and the sizable Auraria Library are located. Along with thousands of books and online resources, the library also provides study rooms and areas for group meetings. The library has a number of services, including a coffee shop, a digital media studio, and an innovation garage with 3D printing and other innovative technology tools. 

There is a dedicated Strauss Health Sciences library for students on the Anschutz medical campus.

On campus, there are many of recreational and fitness facilities. Three levels of modern spaces for studying, working out, socializing, and relaxing can be found in the Wellness Center. This includes:

gym that involves scaling a wall (including cardio equipment and strength training machines)

Four spacious study areas (including TVs and lounge furniture)

locations for personal workouts

a student's kitchen, a 25-yard pool with six lanes, and a hot spa

The Den is a lounge, study area, and recreation area.

three full-size basketball courts

two substantial gyms for group workouts

platforms for areas used for weightlifting and training

Medical Suite (includes reflection rooms, food pantry and a nap room) 

The university's art gallery is located in Denver's oldest church and synagogue.

The students' union also houses a variety of amenities, such as a brewery, a bookshop, dining areas, and student lounges.

Student Support

Students have access to support services as soon as they arrive on campus.

Workplace Advice

Lynx Connect is a brand-new facility that aids students in setting and achieving their long-term goals. Its staff members assist students in examining their career options by offering internship and campus employment possibilities, among other things.

Accessibility Resources and Services

The Office of Disability Resources and Services at CU Denver is dedicated to giving all students access to an inclusive learning environment. They remove any barriers preventing students from actively participating. both in educational and social activities.

English as a Second Language School

The university's ESL academy helps international students improve their command of the language. With a 15:1 student to instructor ratio, it is accessible both on and off campus, encouraging a friendly atmosphere. Five intensive eight-week sessions of the ESL program are offered each year.

Services for Foreign Scholars & Students

International students and scholars at CU Denver can get help integrating into campus life through the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS).

To assist kids feel prepared for college life, the group provides essential pre-departure advice, such as creating checklists. It also offers a complete orientation before lessons begin and help with immigration and visa issues. 

Learning Resources Center

The center acts as a hub for students' learning and provides a variety of educational programs. This includes:

programs to support educators
individualized peer teaching

programs for rigorous training (where students can get support on key elements of their course)

interactive learning sessions and seminars

USA & Non-USA 2022 Education Future International Scholarship: Wellbeing Scholarships

The friendly staff at the CU Denver Student and Community Counseling Center provides private counseling services. Support is given under the supervision of competent professionals and may consist of both ongoing therapy sessions and crisis sessions with a licensed clinician. 

pupil safety

College of Colorado Campus safety is a top priority in Denver. It employs a lot of safety precautions to protect the staff and students' safety.

The institution keeps a fully operational police force that reacts to crime reports and manages crises on campus. 28 full-time law enforcement officers with Colorado P.O.S.T. certificates and police commissions are in charge of the squad. police officers at the college. Support for this team is provided by seven security personnel.

Students can also request a free safety escort from the university's police department if they want to be led through the campus at night. 

The university police provide free jump-start services to students' vehicles every day, all day long, on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

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