Scholarships at York University for International Students: Application Information

Scholarships at York University for International Students: Application Information

 For its international student scholarships and awards, York University is now accepting applications. The York University awards these accolades and scholarships. They are intended for applicants who have a strong academic background, have demonstrated leadership via volunteer work, or have excelled in the arts or sports. If you are a graduate student at York University who is currently from a foreign nation, you should check into these scholarship opportunities. View more here: Study in Canada Scholarships Intake 2022–2023 for International Students – Apply

International students can apply for grants and scholarships at York University.

International graduate (Masters and PhD) students have access to both internal university scholarships and external scholarships. Because scholarship schemes vary depending on study levels and the status of ongoing overseas students, this is the case.

For Other scholarships besides the York scholarships are available for international students who are studying abroad. With the intention of reducing any financial strain that students may experience while attending York University, a variety of international scholarships are awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Outstanding international applicants who want to enroll in undergraduate programs at York University are urged to submit an application.

This grant is open to York University students who are enrolled full-time in professional degree programs in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies and who are going to foreign conferences to present their work there. View more here: How to Study in Canada: A Step-by-Step Guide for International Students 

This scholarship will be given to an environmental studies undergraduate or PhD student at York University who wants to conduct research on issues related to the preservation of Neotropical animals.

This scholarship is provided to PhD candidates who intend to research any topic related to epidemics or difficulties with global health. The Armand and Denise LaBarge Multicultural Graduate Fellowship will be awarded to one MA or PhD candidate who demonstrates academic excellence in their field of study.

The Joyce and Fred Zemans Non-Renewable Scholarship will be awarded to three graduate students at the Schulich School of Business who are enrolled in the graduate programs in art history, law, and MBA. 

The Excellence in International Presidents Scholarship A four-year, $180,000 scholarship is offered to applicants from an international secondary school who are entering the first year of a four-year bachelor's degree program at York University. The Presidents International Scholarship of Excellence requires applicants to maintain a GPA of at least 8.0 and a course load of 24 units in order to continue receiving it.

Scholarships for York University's automatic admission International students pursuing the Canadian high school curriculum in either domestic or foreign high schools are eligible for these scholarships.

Student Life Award Those who meet the criteria for York University's automatic entrance scholarship and accept their admission offer by the dates specified on the offer letter are also eligible for a $500 student life incentive. (Once for everybody.

Each year, three (3) $35,000 International Admissions Distinction Scholarships are awarded. Most graduate scholarships that are awarded based on admissions are for certain academic disciplines and are determined by the typical score needed to get admitted to York University.

While internal awards, like the York University Scholars, address and honor a number of qualities, external rewards are mostly taken into account during the selection process to address academic success and leadership abilities.

Details on how to apply for the 2020 York University International Student Fellowship 22 York University International Student Fellowship Organization Name There are two distinct fellowships available through York University's international student fellowship. 

Requirements include success in the arts, sports, or other areas of one's life. Application format: online.

Scholarship winners will be high-achieving overseas students who demonstrate a strong commitment to volunteerism, extracurricular activities, and leadership skills.

It is essential to visit the official website to get the application form and learn more about how to apply for this scholarship (link provided below). In this post, we go through the intricacies of this scholarship, its benefits, and the exhaustive application procedure.

A PS1000 scholarship is available to all international students who are enrolled in University Year 1 and paying tuition. 

International postgraduate teaching students are eligible for a 5% discount on the upfront payment on each of our campuses in York and London (not valid for degrees, research, or PhD programs).

To receive monthly payments of EUR 850 for undergraduates and EUR 1,200 for PhD candidates, submit an application for a DAAD fellowship. The Glendon International Fellowship is open to foreign students enrolled at the aforementioned university.

subject: Any undergraduate program starting in the Fall 2020 term that is offered by one of the following faculties: Arts, Media, Performance & Design; Environmental Studies; Education; Glendon; Health; Lassonde School of Engineering; Liberal Arts & Professional Studies; Science; or the Schulich School of Business. 

2 Global Leader of Tomorrow Award, International Entrance Scholarships of Distinction intended audience:

Value of/inclusions in scholarships for overseas students:

Prize money for a future global leader is $80,000 ($20,000 divided by four years).

Scholarship for Outstanding International Entry: $140,000 ($35,000 divided by four years).

The aforementioned scholarships are all renewable for three years of full-time undergraduate study, subject to maintaining good academic standing each academic year.

Eligibility: To be eligible for the Major International Scholarships, you must meet ALL of the conditions listed below: 

must be an international student requiring a study permission to attend school in Canada.

Must have applied straight to a York undergraduate degree program that starts in the fall of 2021, no later than two years following high school graduation, without any prior university or college coursework.

must have an A average or higher and an outstanding academic record.

Must have demonstrated leadership abilities by volunteerism, talent in the arts, sports, or other accomplishments.

must submit a nomination through their high school (schools may nominate one student only) 

I The candidate will be considered for the York University Academic Excellence Scholarships, the International Circle of Scholars Scholarships, the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award, and the International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction.

(ii) Candidates must communicate with their guidance counselor, principal, or administration about the York International Student Scholarship & Award Application to get confirmation that they are the student from their school who has been nominated. (iii) The candidate must then write the nominator's name, title, contact information, and email address in the application. 

One letter of recommendation must be uploaded.

All required documents must be "Received" status in the York application (MyFile) before February 1 at 11:59:59 Eastern Time.

By February 1st, 2021, at 11:59:59 Eastern Time, applicants must complete and submit an online application for the International Student Scholarship.

Application requirements: The application period for the academic years 2021–2022 is currently closed.

To submit an application, go to the International Student Scholarship & Award Application website and fill out the form there. Within five business days of submitting your application to York, you'll get a 9-digit York reference number. By January 15th, 2021, you must have submitted your application to York. Applications must be submitted by February 1, 2021. 

To view the application and comprehensive instructions for applying for this scholarship, go to the official website (link provided below). submitting your application to York, you'll get a 9-digit York reference number. By January 15th, 2021, you must have submitted your application to York. Applications must be submitted by February 1, 2021. 

To view the application and comprehensive instructions for applying for this scholarship, go to the official website (link provided below).

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