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Undergraduate Scholarships at Emory University for International Students in 2022

As a part of the Emory University Scholar Programs, the university offers partial to full merit-based scholarships. Scholar programs go beyond merit-based scholarships. They give students the tools and encouragement they need to fulfill their potential and have an effect on the university, Atlanta, and the wider globe.  The campus scholar community wants to give students the tools and support they need to realize their greatest potential and make a significant contribution to the institution, Atlanta, and the larger world community.  relating to Emory University  In Atlanta, Georgia, there is a private research university called Emory University. The second-oldest private college in Georgia, Emory was established by the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1836 under the name "Emory College" in memory of Methodist bishop John Emory.  Undergraduate Scholarships at Emory University Type Undergraduate Organization Emory University School Emory University Course Not Specified State of O